Friday, 20 March 2009


Eeek, got really bad toothache. A little slither of my filling must have come off a few weeks ago (I only noticed that the existing filling felt a little rough). It hasn't bothered me until this week. I consider myself to have a high pain threshold, but last night it brought tears to my eyes. There was no paracetamol in the house and I was too ill to get out to get any. I couldn't eat anything and when I did take the painkillers it didn't relieve me at all. The first dental appointment I could get is for Wednesday morning, so I'll have to suffer for the next 5 days. I'll drug myself up as much as I can and hopefully sleep through the worst of it! It's a bit of a vicious circle as something like this can just add to my ME making me feel weaker, but I want to stay busy to keep my mind off it.

So either expect lots of posts or a disappearance! I may actually play around with a new header, I know I just changed it, but I get bored easily!

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