Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hello Kitty/MAC Preview night

I was going to post pictures of my MAC/Hello Kitty haul yesterday, when the battery died in my sisters camera : (

However, I am going to attempt again later today. I was very lucky that my Mum and sis were on their annual shopping trip to London when I got the email invite for the preview at the Covent Garden MAC store last Thursday. There was also an online preview, but my family were happy to go to the event in my place.

It was absolutely mobbed though and just a little shop, so actually turned out to be quite a stressful experience for them (oops). Stupid Daniel Kitty (think bondage style naked guy with black Hello Kitty head), couldn't see anything through his big head and therefore couldn't apply the fab Kitty transfer tattoos. The free Hello Kitty balloon (which has quickly deflated) is cute but wasn't the easiest thing to travel back to Scotland with, plus it doesn't last. I'd hoped they would get a free tote that I'd seen in several of the American event pictures, but there weren't any at the shop.

I took to preparing my HK wishlist, like it was a life or death decision. I researched reviews, blogs, swatch images, everything you could think of. In the back of my mind, I was still trying to not get too carried away though and try and pick the things I really wanted (I can't say 'needed' as I doubt I need any more makeup for the rest of my life).

The collection launches officially on Thursday this week. The beaded bracelet I got is supposed to be an online exclusive (although CG had a few, so I managed to get one anyway). Hopefully I'll be able to provide you with pictures if you haven't already made up your mind of what you want from the collection.

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