Monday, 9 March 2009

Limited Edition Means Expensive

My little sister is always coming up with silly phrases, most of them don't even make sense (like 'the monkey must cross the road to get to the pineapple tree' what?); she just says them to make you laugh. However, one that does make sense is 'limited edition means expensive'. She loves to frequently quote this to me. Probably because I have a tendency to buy a lot of limited edition (LE) or 'exclusive' things. Dior produce those limited edition makeup come jewellery type of items a couple of times a year that are priced dramatically higher than their usual line. Collaborations between designers and high-street stores tend to mean prices soar and if you miss out and buy on ebay later, LE seems to give these sellers the right to charge double the original price. What's worse, is people will pay it, because it's LE.

Of course LE doesn't always mean more expensive; take MAC makeup as an example, where they regularly produce LE ranges which are mostly in keeping with their usual prices. There are literally only a couple of items from my huge MAC collection that are not LE. Would I usually buy some of the lipglosses were they not packaged in LE format? In all honesty, probably not. It's like something takes over inside of me and I must have that item now or I know it will be gone and I'll have missed out.
Obviously though, I'm not alone. Matches boutique have just launched a Matches Editions site. The sites boasts super exclusive pieces, many designed for the Editions site, in extremely limited numbers. For example, this Alexander McQueen dress of which just 12 have been made, yours for £4935. Christian Louboutin heels in a batch of 100, £465 and 96 pairs remaining.
The most expensive is this Balenciaga clutch, £6590 with only 5 made and 4 remaining. One of the cheaper items is this green Acne dress for £198, 50 were made (47 remain). I'm sure this site will prove very popular, for those that wish to own something that (almost) nobody else has.

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