Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sales & Shoes!

Remember I got a fabulous order from Faith before Christmas, well it turns out that the Sarriet shoe-boots are so tiny, my foot can't even get in them. They have the smallest side zip (which doesn't help) and are just so tight across the foot, that even once I managed to wedge my foot in (length is fine), I couldn't stand up. Plus my left foot is slightly bigger and wouldn't even go in at all! It's a real shame as they are beautiful boots. Faith have a strange returns sytem, where you have to send them back and place a new order (also incurring the new delivery charge) if you wish to go up/down a size. I don't even know if the 6 would fit me, so I have left it for now.

I also returned the Linzi Shoes-Faith Labetty knock-offs (I use that in the loosest term). The picture on the site is so far-off the reality it's not even funny. They are a cheap, bright silver, not the soft gold as pictured. I know it said 'silver' but I didn't think the internet image could be so wrong. The fit isn't even nice, it pushes your toes forward, so they hang over the front in a cheapo, I'm a stripper in platforms kinda way!
Anyway, I managed to muster up some energy on Christmas Day, when the parents were sleeping, to browse the online Topshop sale. My beloved Premium velvet Pout in green and pink were half price, so I scooped up them up as fast as I could! I love the pink, however the description called them red and if they had been, they would clash with my hair, so I got the green. I'm so excited, I can't wait for them to arrive!

Then I went crazy in the Schuh sale yesterday. I've been holding back on buying this seasons Irregular Choice, but have really loved the whole collection. Schuh were actually sold out of one pair in my size, so I shopped at shoe-shop.com, who also stock the same Schuh/IC styles. I was really bummed that there wasn't a discount code to use, as I was spending a small fortune, but didn't want to wait until/if they went out of stock.
I got the pink Teddy court shoes (replacement for the Bertie shoes from Santa) and matching clutch (from my Granny), the blue star Audrina, black and pink Cherry Loves It (so kitsch) and the fairy-tale like unicorn pair(above). I realise it's a lot, so I'm trying to reign myself in from now on. I'm sure I have enough new shoes to last me a good while now.

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