Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas is Over!

Hope you all had a good Christmas? I was completely ruined as usual. Lots of lovely Pink Princess type gifts, which I am extremely happy about. It certainly seemed to be the year of the tights (got some really unusual pairs all the way from Madeira), compact mirror and keyrings (all quite useful, especially seeing as I dropped and smashed my Audrey Hepburn compact last month).

I also got the Irregular Choice pink Kitty Princess shoes that I've been harping on about from my Grandad, Bertie shoes (which had to go back as they didn't fit) and Carvela shoe boots, which are glorious (above) from Santa.

By way of make-up I got a huge No7 vanity case filled with every lip and eye shade of No7 possible! I also got Bobbypin and Chilli Pepper lipgloss sets and the Jelly Pong Pong/Dainty Doll blush that I've been wanting for ages. Also a huge shout out to my friend Emily, who got me the sweetest tea set with handbags all over them. The little cup and saucer are perfect for my afternoon cuppy (and biscuit/cake), even the box is like a little handbag and adorable in itself : )
I also got these two lovely framed wallets (above and top) from Fluff (my Mum and sister obviously didn't communicate on who bought what), but they are totally stunning. I love the sexy shoes and prancing ponies and unicorns, so me! Thank you for all my wonderful gifts and although I was so exhausted by Christmas Eve that I literally couldn't talk or move, I did manage to have an enjoyable time.

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