Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I Heart Melissa

Ok, so I was planning on keeping quiet about these shoes. I do this on occasion, when I realise I don't have enough money for said item and I panic that someone else will snap them up before I do. That's terrible I know, I'm very cruel to you all!
These Melissa shoes from the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania range instantly caught my eye when browsing at Browns. They are made from rubber and I've noticed the t-bar mary-jane version before on several sites. They are cute and reasonably priced, so I've considered buying them on occasion. However, when I saw these nude slingbacks, with kitsch heart detail, I wanted them...now! Unfortunately with Christmas coming up, I can't afford to splash out £75 on these, which is a real shame, as they are right up my street. Shoewawa burst my bubble by posting about them today though, so I'm begging you all not to buy these before I do!


  1. Eee I love Melissa and Vivieene collection, my girls got me the red pair for my 18th - and I stupidly wore them out even though they were a size too big, they were my first pair of designer shoes and I will always love them, but I have sort of ruined them, which actually makes me feel a little bit sick inside out of guilt.
    But omg I love vivienne westwood. Sorry. Word Vomit & Bad English.

    1. Heehee, my collection of VW jellies started and grew considerably since this post!


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