Thursday, 11 September 2008

Irregular Choice Bags

Lately, I've noticed a lot of fashion mags claiming you shouldn't ever match your handbag to your footwear. I must say most of the time I don't (I tend to like to clash them on purpose), however I have no problem with matching, especially if they look like this.

I would quite honestly sell my soul for these Irregular Choice sets. The floral Abigail's Party boots have really grown on me. I already own the pink/blue striped ones and they are extremely flattering and comfortable too. I wasn't sure about the clashing orange and purple colour choice initially, but seeing them in person, they are really quite cute. I adore the bag though, with the little bow on the front and now feel it's urgent I buy them both!

Who couldn't like these pretty teddy court shoes? The cortesan style is an old faithful from IC and I own a few pairs, they make your feet look tiny! The clutch is absolutely adorable. The little frill, the flying teddy with bunny ears brooch, just perfect. I think if IC made clutches like these for every pair of shoes, I'd be more broke than I am already. You can buy all these styles at Schuh (online and instore), bags cost £29.99 and the floral boots £64.99, teddy courts £59.99. There's also a matching clutch for the fruity cortesan style, although I'm not so keen on them.

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