Monday, 15 December 2008

Labetty Gold Gladiator Sandals

I wrote about these Labetty (above, £70) gold high-heeled gladiator sandals from Faith, back in August. I've been on the look-out for a cheaper alternative ever since. When I popped into New Look a couple of weeks ago during their 20% off day, I noticed a similar style. They were available in silver or gold (£25) and were made of a soft, metallic, almost crackled effect fabric. They had the platform front, the straps, the zip up the back and they fitted me perfectly. I have to say they looked absolutely gorgeous on (I was wearing my wet-look ASOS leggings and a vintage looking brocade dress from Primark).

Upon closer inspection though, the fabric on the heel had been scuffed and was white underneath. I looked for another pair and even tried the silver, but unfortunately they were all damaged, many even worse. I realise the look was supposed to be slightly worn and distressed, but I wasn't happy to buy a brand new pair of shoes which were already scuffed. Infact I was unimpressed with the standard of the stock of footwear on the whole in the shop day, many were damaged and worn looking.
I did already know about a scarily similar pair (above) on the Linzi Shoes site. Although having never bought from the site before I was a little unsure of the quality. New Look don't appear to be getting the style I saw instore on their site anytime soon though, so I buckled last night and ordered from the other site. They are £28, available in black or silver (which look gold to me) and I'm hoping they'll fit me and be fine. If you do want the real thing, they are reduced in Faith to £45.

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