Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I wish for...

Topshop are killing me with their shoes. I've spoken before about how I think the prices at Topshop are a little high for a 'high-street' brand and that perhaps the celebrity following and 'cool factor' of the store have added to the prices. So I try not to look at the gorgeous shoes they have on their site as I know I can't afford them. The real problem is, I don't want just one pair...I want a lot. Really a lot.

So, I tormented myself today and browsed their site. Here's my Topshop wishlist;
Samba £65

Angel (pink, top and black) £75Regal £65

Panther £85

Pout (green, pink and purple) £85Sugar £60Phoenix £85Serena £65Poirot £90Prowess £85Pelle £80Perth £100

Prestige £80

Superb £65Peta £80Agatha £75So the grand total comes to £1485! I think I could buy a decent car for that price! Of course, if I'm serious I could probably live without Peta, Regal and Panther (they aren't really 'everyday' wear') and Superb and Prestige (I could probably find similar for cheaper), but if I choose absolute must-haves (all Pout colours, pink and black Angel, Samba, Phoenix, Prowess, Pelle and Perth), it still comes to £565. My point is, for the shoe obsessed it's very easy to total up big amounts of money just for a few pairs of shoes. I realise that they aren't going to reduce them to Matalan and Primark prices of £12 a pair (could you imagaine how fabulous that would be?), so I think my wishlist will have to remain as that. A wish...that I can never have. "I love you little pink Angel boots!"

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