Tuesday, 30 December 2008

MAC Dame Edna and Chill

The one thing I do want to get, before I go on a no-spend for a while, is the new MAC Dame Edna collection. It launched online today along with Chill and Lash & Dash.

So far DE has received mixed reviews, with some people keen to save for Hello Kitty and pass on this and others liking the vibrant lip and eye combinations. As you know, it's usually lip products that entice me to a range and to be honest there isn't really a DE shade that's totally me. I do dabble in pink lip shades with my hair colour though, so would probably opt for the Gladiola lipstick (a bright, matte blue pink) and Hot Frost lipglass (pinky sparkle). I'm on the fence with Splendid l/g, which in some swatches looks overly frosty or too coral. Kanga Rouge lipstick (love the name) is a gorgeous red, but I just don't wear that type of shade enough to justify buying it.
The eye palettes are gorgeous, totally my colours, lots of cool blue, lilac, turquoise and silvery shades. I think I'll get both Wisteria and Royal Tour.
The Hi-Light Powder is stunning (below), the most aesthetically pleasing of the range. However the shimmer on top of the powder, does not filtrate all the way through and is therefore more matte once the initial sheen has gone. I think I will still get Spectacle though, as the compact is beautiful.

I hadn't been paying attention to Chill (below) and didn't really look the collection up until yesterday. It's as you would imagine, a frosty, wintery colour scheme. I really like the Naked Frost (shimmery taupe) and Snowscene (white with mutli-coloured sparkle) lipglass. The eyeshadows also look nice and I'll perhaps pick up Arctic Grey (frosted mid tone grey).

Lash & Dash is a range of glorious false lashes. I would suggest 42 Lash (below) for the ultimate (Hogmanay) party peepers, who could resist you?

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