Monday, 23 June 2008

Yet more shoe bargains

I know, I know, more shoes, but I couldn't help myself. These Kate Kuba inspired boots at Barratts were down to £5 each. How much of a bargain is that? There's not much you can get for a tenner these days, so I was really chuffed to manage to get 2 pairs of boots for that. I already bought the green 'Catherine' ankle boots when they first came out last year (now £7.50) and have had quite a bit of wear out of them. I was impressed that I managed to talk myself out of the lovely bronze 'Kalma' peep-toes at £10. I already have a few pairs of brown, gold, bronze shoes, so probably didn't need another pair. Head over there now and try and find yourself a bargain, even the newer styles are down to £20-25 and shipping is just £2.95 per order.

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