Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sienna and Keira in Edinburgh

It was a case of who could look like they had made the least effort at the Edge of Love premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival yesterday (above). The film (written by Keira Knightleys Mum) stars Keira, Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys. Both females opted for a masculine feel with Keira in an unflattering, cream jumpsuit and sparkly jacket, Sienna wore a strange fringed dress? with black trilby. Even Matthew managed to get it wrong in a dated looking, baggy trouser suit.
Keira managed to look a little more 'dressed' in a floral Luella blouse, black pencil skirt and high heeled shoe boots at the photocall (above). Sienna looked like she hadn't tried at all in a casual striped t-shirt dress, black cardi and pixie boots. Both actresses would benefit from a little bit of jewellery or even a hairbrush! What's with looking so unkempt? Although I must admit, I love the footwear, so props to both for that. Co-star, Matthew Rhys looked similarly dishevelled in scruffy jeans, brown jacket and a white shirt. I'm sure (or hoping) that the premiere held tonight in London will see a difference in attire for all three actors!

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