Friday, 6 June 2008

Lily the Pink!

Following on from my last post, I was thrilled to see Lily Allen took the plunge this week and dyed her hair pink too. As you know she's naturally very dark, but I think the pink really suits her and she did manage to pull off being blonde too. I can't say I'm a fan of her or her music, but over the past year or so her style has really gone up a notch and I'm loving it. I can't decide whether she's used Special Effects hair colour in Cupcake Pink or Atomic Pink. I use 'Atomic Pink' and mine is slightly darker but still as bright. I do have a bottle of Cupcake though, so think I'll try it next time.
Her choice of gown at the 'Glamour Women of the Year Awards' (above) seemed to cause as much controversy as her new 'do. The dress from the Giles S/S '08 collection featured a print of Bambi with a slit throat and pouring blood. Personally, I adored that entire collection, it was like my ideal fantasy show and very feminine, but I think Deacon was just trying to de-prettify the whole pink, frou-frou, prom dress theme he had going on. It's fashion and so it's probably very much tongue in cheek, it's a dress people, nobody actually wants to kill little deers!
As with any drastic change in hair colour, you have to radically adapt your makeup to compliment your new look. With bright pink hair though, clothes can also be a problem. Earthy shades don't clash, but definitely don't go either. Brights like, blue or green only work in certain tones and I find myself having to shy away from the several pairs of shiny, red shoes I own. Even pink can be a problem if it's slightly off with your hair shade. I have found that turquoise compliments my shade of pink very well and whilst I don't own any clothes this colour, I've been using a fantastic Zara eye pencil to really set-off my look. Lily also happened to choose an aqua shade of shoes and nail polish to finish off her outfit and I love that clashing-in-a-good way style!
I must admit that I mostly wear black anyway, so haven't had too many outfits relegated to the back of my wardrobe. Lily chose a cute LBD the other night (above) and teamed it with dazzling pink, satin shoes, a look I've become very much accustomed to. Black doesn't have to be dull, especially when you've got pink hair. I love wearing with flashes of multi-coloured jewellery or bright clashing footwear. Another thumbs up from me! Plus, I have to comment on pal Jamie Winstones outfit too. Another person I'm not really a fan of, why is she famous, what has she done? Oh, her Dad...anyway, I do love this look. The dress is nothing spectacular, but the shoes, fabulous, the oversized Minnie Mouse bow, absolutely adorable! I like that she kept accessories and the dress, to a minimum to not over complicate and her sleek hair showed off the bow to perfection. If I were at the same party, I may just have looked like a combination of these two girls!

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