Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fashion Bargain of the Week

I haven't been 'real' shopping in ages (everything lately has been an online purchase) and one place I really miss is Primark! I love a bargain and Primark always delivers with up-to-date styles at impossibly cheap prices. I can spend £60 and walk away with a whole bunch of new clothes as well as jewellery, bags, sunglasses etc.

I really need to get myself there to pick up these fab peep-toe shoe-boots. I LOVE shoe-boots and ADORE peep-toe boots, so this one is a no-brainer and at just £12 I wish they did them in a variety of colours! I love the lace-ups and little platform and although I already own a very similar style (the Matalan version of the Gucci ones), I still feel myself 'needing' these all-black ones too. Don't they look quite expensive?

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