Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shoe Envy

Why is this post in green writing? Well, it's because I'm green with...shoe envy! Check out all the fabulous footwear I spotted on celebs today. As if the cute shoe-boots from Keira and Sienna weren't enough!

First up is Charlize Theron at the premiere of her latest film in Moscow, I think these are probably Dior, I love the patent/cut-out detailing and massive heel, super hot.
Fergie, ok so her actual outfit is a bit too much of everything, but these may be my favourite pair of the bunch. Patent strappy, zip-ups, very much the 'in' footwear and I love them.
I've already shown my love for these Balenciaga boots and now Rihanna has a gorgeous pair (ignore her strange nappy skirt/shorts combo) and check out that mosaic style heel. If I win the lottery on Saturday, these will be mine!
Hilary Duff, looked great in a bright blue dress teamed with some fierce looking footwear (noting a trend here). I'm not overly keen on the gold studs, they look a little cheap, but other than that these are a great shape, lovely!
Camilla Belle stepped out in these high heeled gladiator sandals, how is it that celebs aren't having as hard a time as I am finding the perfect heeled glads?Finally, I know these are 'old' and we've got the 'Tribute' sandal now (not nearly as fabulous as the originals in my opinion), but I still adore the platforms. I also like Salma Hayek and it's not often she's seen on the red-carpet, so I'll shamelessly flash some more pics of the YSL Tributes!

(images celebutopia)

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