Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pink Haired Princess

As you may have gathered from my blog title, I have pink hair. It's been like this for around 6 months now, but still shocks wherever I go.

I very much base my look on how I'm feeling day to day and if I feel like a big change in my life, it'll probably also involve a change in style in some way, whether that's hair, clothes or something else. Years ago, as a fashion student, I was having one such day and I was standing in Superdrug, about to take the plunge and go back to brunette after years of being blonde. I had decided to look a little more 'classic' and I'm sure I mumbled the word 'sensible' (not usually in my vocab)...however the pink princess in me took over as soon as I spotted a bottle of pink hair dye, and in a flash 'sensible' was yet again eradicated from my mind.

I decided if I was going pink, then I was going pink all the way, streaks or highlights wasn't going to cut it, so I proceeded to colour my entire head pink. Now if being born with pink hair was normal, then you'd think I was naturally pink. It suited me and although it was bright, it did seem like it was just so very 'me'. So the next day I turn up at Uni, with a full head of fuchsia hair, bearing in mind I was studying fashion with fellow minded arty students, so you wouldn't expect this to cause much of a reaction, right? Wrong! I never would've anticipated the squeels from my classmates, constant stares from strangers and whispers of "OMG, did you see her hair?" It was a success, I loved it, and although it didn't stay pink for very long, I knew someday I'd go back to it. When people say 'So, do blondes have more fun?', I reply, 'no, but pinks do!'

So this is my 3rd time of going pink, and the longest I've kept it, so I think it may be here to stay this time. I've found a colour I like (more about that in another post) and although the process of keeping it looking good can be a little tedious (I'm very particular about roots), it's worth it, as it's just so fabulous. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been stopped lately in the street or supermarket by people wanting to comment on my hair colour. I even had one woman reverse out of her driveway in her car, roll down her window and shout 'I love the hair!' Of course it's not for everyone and I do deal with constant sniggers from teenagers coupled with rude and snide comments. My hair may be pink, but I can still hear you!! Having said that, I'm used to it now, I've always been 'different', 'once seen, never forgotten' my Mum says, so I expect my style will shock every now and then. Who cares what anyone else thinks anyway, I love it and that's all that matters.

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