Thursday, 5 June 2008

Celeb Style

I own a little site called Celeb Style, which is an online style magazine. It covers everything from the latest celebrity fashions, to high-street bargains, gorgeous shoes and news about beauty launches. I love doing the site, although it takes a massive amount of work and can be very time consuming. I'm hoping to give the site more publicity and let a wider audience see it through this blog. The two are very different, with this blog being a little more of my personal style and Celeb Style has much bigger, in-depth features that wouldn't carry well on a blog-style set-up, so I don't expect the same material will be covered in both.

I anticipate posting here of updates at Celeb Style and hope that you'll find the time to visit both or perhaps you'll prefer one to the other!

On the site at the moment is a 4 page special of all the fashion from the Cannes Film Festival. There are tonnes of pictures, Salma Hayek looking perfectly curvaceous, Madonna in sequins, Gwyneth Paltrow rocking yet more amazing footwear, Natalie Portman in ruffles and more ruffles and Dita Von Teese looking as glam as usual.

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