Friday, 20 June 2008

Afternoon Delights

ER repeats are shown on More4 every lunchtime and I try as hard as I can not to watch because I know I'll get hooked and there goes an hour every day watching episodes that I've seen so many times I know all the words. This week has been excellent though and todays episode, 'Orion in the Sky' especially weepy.
Dr Greene finishes his last shift in the ER and literally 1 second into the programme my eyes are filled with tears. Dr Greene is bouncing a basketball, not a particularly sad moment I know, but it's the 'ER-weepy-Greene-is-dying music' that invariably ensues crying each time it plays. 10 minutes later, he has a 'last chat' with his ex-wife, cue more music and I'm gone, but I know the worst is yet to come.
Twenty minutes from the end and Mark decides against having any more treatment, as 'frequent flyer' Al wails in the background (me too). Greene sees his last patient and I know what's coming next, Al salutes goodbye, (gets me everytime) and Mark has those lingering looks with the ER staff. At this point todays makeup is well and truly ruined and it's just as well I know this episode off by heart, as I can barely hear anything above the loud sobs coming from me as I rush to get tissues (I should've been prepared I know!). Before I know it, it's 3pm and I'm all cried out, puffy eyed and not got a thing done! What an episode..."You set the tone, Carter", indeed you do.
PS, I can't wait for next weeks episodes, some of my all -time favourite ER moments, the crossover with Third Watch, 'The Letter', Carter and Abby outside the bar after Greene dies, lockdown in the ER and finally Carby together!!!! Oh the joys.

(screencaps by me and erhangout)

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