Monday, 3 May 2010

Review: No7 Stay Perfect Mascara

Now for No7 Stay Perfect Mascara £11. Remember to click onto my full No7 Mascara Review if you need to familiarise yourself with the brush type. Image of bare lashes above, click images to enlarge. Stay Perfect really surprised me when I tested it because I had never regarded this as one of my favourite No7 mascaras, yet it performed really well. The brush is tapered and although similar in shape to Dream Lash, the bristles are longer and the brush is very full. It wasn't too large that it couldn't get into my lashes though.
I looked like I had loads of lashes after applying this which I loved. The lashes were definitely lengthened and thicker and very fluttery (which I'm afraid doesn't come across in the pics). This wasn't at all clumpy-it looked very natural but still had impact, so I apologise if the images don't convey that. The selling point of Stay Perfect is of course that it stays put in humid or wet weather, crying etc and while I didn't have the chance to really put that to the test, I did notice that after a normal enough day it looked as fresh as when I first applied it.
You can see the obvious differences when compared to Dream Lash (comparison images taken from the same 'one face' shot). This is one I'll be reaching for a lot more, very impressed.


  1. I'm finding these photos really helpful, thanks :) Especially the ones you've done there showing dream lash vs. stay perfect - really shows what a big difference!

  2. Thanks for commenting, yes the difference between each eye is really evident!


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