Thursday, 13 May 2010

Haul & Swatches: MAC To The Beach

My MAC order arrived, so I immediately spent the day taking and editing these piccies. I wasn't really sure which items to order from To The Beach, but I ended up with lipsticks; Beachbound (glaze) a pale goldy, yellowy colour (I decided on this rather than Archetype from Pret A Papier/McQueen), Lazy Day (lustre) a really pretty light to mid tone pink and Funbathing (cremesheen) I love the cremesheen formula! The colour looks dark sparkly brown in the tube, but comes out a pretty plum with gold flecks. The lipsticks come in shiny orange tubes, similar to Neo Sci-fi, but with a shell printed on it. I passed on the lipglasses...they just weren't jumping out at me as must-haves.
I also got Shimmermoss eyeshadow after (shockingly) discovering that I didn't actually own it, when I thought I did. Plus there's Marine Life High-Light powder in some pics, that I ordered separately (see more detailed images from yesterday). The eyeshadow comes in high shine green packaging with a starfish printed on the lid (and is a different shade of green to the highlighter compact).
The swatches are taken in different lighting, but I thought I'd include both images.
I also got C-Thru lipglass from the Pret A Papier collection. It's a permanent shade, but one I've always wanted to own-so took the opportunity to buy it now.
Click images to enlarge and do not steal, thank you!


  1. everything looks so pretty! i love itttt

  2. thanks Kat, tried the cremesheen lippie last night and it is stunning!


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