Sunday, 30 May 2010

You're Kidding Right?

I just posted on The Shoe Girl Diaries about lunch with my friend. She is getting married this summer and hand delivered my invite today. I was quite excited until I read the small print "Ladies-please note stiletto heels are unsuitable to wear at the Ballroom unless protectors are used".

I'm shocked!!! Seriously what 'lady' isn't going to wear heels to a wedding? It's ludicrous that such a place would use unsuitable flooring for it's purpose! The heel protectors they suggest you purchase are from and the cheapest pair are £4.99 with £1.50 I'm going to pay £6.50 for those suckers! They have to be the ugliest things I have ever seen and I'm not letting them near my lovely shoes. They look like the rubber suckers for sticking things to car windows and I have visions of getting stuck to the floor and leaving my shoes 10 paces behind! I'm not willing to go barefoot either, not only because I never do, but the whole wedding ceremony and reception is in the same building and if I don't get to wear shoes all day and night, there's not much point to it at all! The whole situation reminds me of my least favourite Auntie who asked me not to go into her conservatory because I was wearing heels and she didn't want me to ruin her floor! She cornered me before I even stepped foot in the house, bee-atch! I'm also not some heavy footed person that struts until I leave a mark!
The protectors (image above taken from the cleanheels site) could even come with a swarovski heart attached if you desire, for only (!) £9.99. As if a little sparkling heart could detract from the big sucker on the end of your heel! Of course when used as above on grass, I can see the genius behind the idea, they literally are 'heel' protectors, but in the ballroom, it's the floor that needs protecting, not my heels and this is my dispute. Also why doesn't the hall just hand out a pair to every female that requires them and ask for them back at the end of the night, if they are so worried about their precious flooring? Personally if I was organising any function there and they told me I couldn't wear heels, I'd say 'thanks for your time' and never look back! The life of a shoe girl is never easy!


  1. That's rubbish! perhaps you could get some of those rollasole(?) shoes to wear at certain points of the wedding? They're designed for switching between them and heels after all! x

  2. LOL what a rant! But....they say stiletto heels, which means thicker heels that don't leave little dents in the floor is ok!
    It's still a bit of a silly rule, but it's not like you have to wear flats so you'll be ok girl! haha

    And those heel protectors are indeed really gross...I would feel like a total fool if I had to wear those :S

  3. Haha, I'm a little calmer today after my big moan yesterday. I'm just so annoyed because I bought a pair specifically for the wedding, months ago and they aren't the type of shoes you could wear every day and I have no more weddings/parties coming up. I've thought of a couple of possible options for the wedding, but they are shoes that I could wear anytime and I wanted them to be special : (


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