Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Blogging Behind!

I'm so behind on blog posts...I have a million images to edit and pieces to write and then I got a killer headache (again) and had to abandon it all. However if you've been following me on The Shoe Girl Diaries, you'll know I was debating whether or not to purchase some Charlotte Olympia cut a long story short, I bought them and they arrived today. A quick little piccie of them below and more to follow soon.
I also wanted to mention the lovely To The Beach collection from MAC launched online yesterday (cool LE packaging), along with Pret A Papier. I'm still making my list (and checking it twice-sorry, out of season joke!). I was 90% sure I owned Shimmermoss eyeshadow-it's totally my colour, but I looked through my stash and couldn't find it. There are similar shades in my Hello Kitty Too Dolly, Graphic Garden and Heatherette Trio 1 palettes, but if I have the correct info, none of them are Shimmermoss? I must have just wanted it and that's why the name sticks out...maybe. Anyway, there are quite a few things I like from that, although the swatches are rather limited online (I've become so used to the US getting collections early and helping the rest of us out with swatches).

Also No7 are celebrating 75 years! How amazing is that? They have a wonderful new Decades collection out today which includes a lipgloss, eyeshadow trio and nail polish suited to every decade. I'm going to use my £5 voucher to get Jennifer lipgloss (yep, nude like Ms Lopez) which is from the 90's collection. I'll do a more detailed post on this later in the week, just wanted to give you a heads up.


  1. Oooh you lucky lady...those shoes are beyond fabulous!

  2. Thank you...I'm at the 'stroking them' stage, just gazing and stroking!


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