Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pearl Lowe For Peacocks

I'm spreading myself a little thin, trying to tackle reviews, swatches, haul posts, fashion, beauty and of course, shoes! However I want to blog about all of the above, because those are the things I'm interested in and hopefully you are too. Anyway, I was supposed to blog about the second Pearl Lowe for Peacocks collections weeks ago but it launched online today (Saturday), so it seems a good time to talk about it.

It's inspired by real vintage items from Pearl Lowe's collection and modelled by daughter Daisy. I don't know if you recall the 1st collection, it was pretty but didn't get my pulse racing like this one (as I recall it only went up to a size 14 or 16 too). It's got a little bit of everything I love; 40's style tea dresses, floral, lace, bows and polka dots! I'm also very pleased to report that this time, the collection goes up to a size 18-I was disappointed last time that it didn't cater for larger sizes (like so many limited edition style ranges).
The prices are higher than the regular Peacocks range, but not overly expensive. I was extremely naughty today and begged my sister to lend me money to get all four of the dresses pictured above. The blue polka dot, £40 looks like it will hang beautifully and I like the ruched sleeves. Both of the floral tea-dresses, £30 each are right up my alley-you know I have countless similar styles. Finally, I love the pastel colours of mint green and blue in this floral dress £30 and the cute lace hem. You can bet I'm absolutely praying that my boobies will fit these. I love them so much I'm even considering dieting if I don't fit into them!
I also want to mention the cream lace dress (above) £35 (a red version was available in the first collection if I remember correctly); if you missed out on the Primark one-this looks just as lovely. Personally I now own 4 different coloured lace dresses and thought buying another was a bit extreme (especially as I think my local Primark still have the cream version which is only £15). Another lovely item I didn't buy was the blue floral dress £30; I love the fabric, but wasn't keen on the red velvet trim (only because I doubt my boobs will fit into the correct place between the ribbons!). The range also includes a couple of tops, skinny jeans, cardigans, another dress (that's a little too 'Hilda Ogden' for me) and some rather uninteresting t-shirts that don't look like they belong in this collection (although it was obviously to get the 'rock chick' vibe across). I am so excited by this collection and you can bet I'll be photographing like crazy when it arrives, so keep your fingers crossed that they fit me, please God, please God....!


  1. I love all the dresses you bought, they're gorgeous! How lovely of your sister to lend you the money!

  2. Thanks Laura, they've been dispatched today-I can't wait!! Yes, my little sister is an angel, I'll defintely be trying not to spend any pennies for a few weeks now!


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