Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Monster High Monday: Ghoul's Rule Frankie

What up peeps? Monster High Monday again, after a little hiatus last week because I took a sneaky day off for some much needed rest. Now, I've had this Frankie doll since last year, but hadn't taken her out of the box until last week. I finally found some room for her on my shelf (which is very quickly running out of space). The Ghoul's Rule line coincided with a DVD movie release and was based around a masked Halloween party, so the outfits, hair and makeup were more wild than usual.
In saying that, when I broke Frankie's makeup down, I realised there wasn't actually much to it. I decided against trying to do anything vein/lightening-like which she has on the side of her face and I've never copied her stitched scar before, so didn't intend to this time. There was a lot of icy blue going on, so I felt the veins in particular would have made the look too blue and too Halloween for daytime, for me. I obviously had to mix up a concoction for the lips as I only own blue glosses and none are pigmented enough for this look. The eyes were simple and I had intended to do the black line in the crease, but actually forgot to, oops!
So to start with I applied Lancome Teint Miracle in 005 Beige Ivoire with Dainty Doll Concealer in 001 on blemishes and finished with a dusting of Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder in 00 Transparent Opal. I contoured using ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain, setting with The Balm 'Bahama Mama' and highlighted with BeneFit Eye Bright. I applied a little Pout Face & Body Illuminator in Love Glow onto the cheekbones and MAC Don't Be Shy powder blush on the cheeks.
I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion as a base and applied the silver shade from Hard Candy Eyeshadow Quartet in Techno from lashline to eyebrow (ooh scary). On the lids I applied Wet'n'Wild Eyeshadow Mono in Mystical (a light blue) and should've applied a bold black line to separate the two but forgot. On my lashes is the new Baby Doll mascara by YSL along with their Waterproof Eye Pencil to line the upper and lower lashlines, with Lancome ArtLiner for exaggerated flicks.
This doll comes with loads of silver glitter under her eyes, so I applied Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner in Pyrotechnics. It wasn't as glitter infused as I needed (plus contained some multi-coloured pieces and I only wanted silver), so I found an un-named pot of silver glitter and dipped the brush into that too. I was just about to apply it, pot of glitter and mirror in one hand, brush in the other and completely not thinking, inhaled. Yeah full glitter face and chest! I couldn't believe it, I had silver everywhere, mainly my nose, but it was on my clothes, all over my bed and it's a pain to get off! I dusted off as much as I could, but there were definitely stray bits of glitter I found throughout the day.
Then for the lips, like I said, I have several blue glosses. My Paul & Joe or YSL immediately came to mind, but both contained sporadic pieces of glitter and the blue lips on the doll have no sparkles, plus there just wasn't enough colour in either. So I chose to use 17 Eye Dazzle in Goody Two-Shoes, a pastel blue loose powder eyeshadow, mixing it with Lancome Juicy Tubes in 105 Rio Peach on the back of my hand and applying to the lips with a brush. The colour was near perfect (although looks more green toned in these photos), but the finish was a little streaky if you looked closely. It worked for the purpose of this task anyway : ) 
Overall, it's not my favourite look. I think had I been dark skinned, so there was a bit of contrast between the icy shades and my white skin, it would've looked better. It's one look I wanted out of the way though and I think I'll be looking for something with a variety of colours next week! The corresponding The Shoe Girl Diaries post for this should be up tomorrow, but I do have another outfit from last week, that I posted earlier today, so check that out.

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