Monday, 24 June 2013

Sales, Hauls & Back In Stock

The ASOS sale started today, with up to 50% off! I've had a quick look and there's some decent stuff to be found. Last week, I had a discount code that was burning a hole in my pocket and seeing as I'd been stalking the 'wiggle dresses' several times a day for months, I decided to order the two that were left in my size.
I already own the black floral and blue spot above (that aren't available now) and I absolutely adore them, so it seemed a no-brainer to order some alternatives. I was hoping this one would be great for summer as the fabric is different to the others. Sadly when they arrived, they were much, much smaller than the two I own. The wallpaper border print one was the bigger of the two, but I couldn't get it on with the zip closed and couldn't close the zip when I tried it on, with it open. My original two if anything are generous, so I was very disappointed. The summer floral one felt absolutely tiny, the whole of my back was exposed, the zip wasn't anywhere near to closing. I quickly measured them against my others and right enough when lying flat (so the measurement is double this really), there was at least 3 inches less at the waist and around 4" at the bust. No wonder I was having trouble, how the hell were my boobs supposed to fit in a dress 8" smaller? Anyway they're going back and I hope someone else finds them a better fit because they truly are beautiful dresses.
So yesterday as a Premier customer, I received a 30% off code for a wee pre-sale shopping spree! I've been desperate for a discount then all of a sudden it's raining codes! I sent back the other couple of things I'd bought with the wiggle dresses, so I could re-order them with the bigger discount. This is what I've bought, arriving tomorrow. The Jeepers Creepers vintage cat eye glasses (so cute in person) and Love Moschino Charming bag (been lemming it for ages) that I'd mentioned in my other post. Along with some flower hair clips (here and here) and this cute fox t-shirt from the Curve range. I had loads of beauty items in my basket too (which had 20% off), but decided I couldn't quite stretch to purchasing them too. I tried to order items that I didn't think would go into the sale and I made the right decisions as none have.
Also, I noticed this week that my Cat Maxi Dress (£28) is back in stock in sizes 4-18. I know a lot of you missed out on this the first time around.
Plus my unicorn jumper from last year is now available in cream £35 if you fancy that.
While on the subject of unicorns, you'll maybe recall my sister got me a cake sprinkle shaker in the shape of a unicorn for my birthday? Well it's now available here at Topshop. Coincidentally, their sale also started (just last week), so is worth checking out.  Have you bought any sales goodies lately?  

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  1. Made the mistake of just having a quick look at the Kurt Geiger sale page.....£100 later but justified it with the reasoning they would have originally come to over £200

    1. *lalala not listening* KG keep sending me emails and I keep ignoring them, ooh the temptation! What did you get?

  2. Ooh, I browsed asos but was well behaved and refrained from ordering!x

    1. well done! I've placed a few orders lately!


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