Saturday, 15 June 2013

Review & Swatches: YSL Golden Gloss

For no reason, other than I felt like it, I started photographing random bits of makeup from my stash today! The sun was shining (sometimes) and it looked all pretty and sparkly in the light! In saying that, these glosses don't need much light to sparkle as there is oodles of glitter in each one. I'm pretty sure I have another one (or two) hiding somewhere, but here are my YSL Golden Glosses (GG).
GG come in an oblong bottle with gold branded lid and a small brush/wand applicator. According to YSL, the gloss forms a mirror effect on the lips, sparkling with mother-of-pearl. There's nourishing oils to protect the lips and did you know each gloss contains 0.2% of 24 carat gold? Erm, you totally sold it at that fancy, sparkly point!

Swishy sparkles aside, I have to agree with their description, they do feel very luxurious on the lips, are comfortable to wear and not particularly sticky. I find the glosses make lips appear more plump with their super-gloss finish and the sparkles in each are simply an added bonus. They do have a mango scent which won't be for everyone, but I don't find it too bothersome and I can be quite particular about scented lip products. In other words it's not too bad and might actually grow on you.
The shades I've photographed here are from left (blue) to right (fuchsia):

55 Arctic Blue, a lightly tinted blue gloss with various sizes and colours of sporadic glitter.
44 White Gold Diamond, clear-ish gloss utterly infused with white/silver micro glitter.
45 White Gold Opal, a clear gloss with a strong violet/pink glitter sheen.
11 Golden Whisper, a light golden beige gloss infused with pale gold micro-glitter.
13 Golden Nude, a taupey-beige gloss with tiny gold glitter pieces.
4 Golden Fuschia, hot fuchsia (to the point you can't tell if it's red or pink) with lots of gold glitter. 
Are you not rather impressed that they aren't all nude? I can diversify on occasion! My camera (and indeed any) is not very keen on capturing glitter and sparkles, so the true amazing-ness of these really has to be seen in person. It can't be caught in a photo, although this is a pretty good attempt. I've swatched each one.
Imagine the glitter even more amped up than shown here and you get the idea. Unfortunately the blue one looks very dull, but in real life there are bigger cobalt blue flecks and then smaller glitter in other colours and there's a definite but light hint of blue to the clear gloss.  44 and 11 are extremely glitter filled and it's tiny, beautiful flecks.  45 is also extremely sparkly but the glitter becomes this vibrant sheen to the gloss.  I'd say compared to those three, 13 and 4 are a little more subtle with the glitter, but it's still more than you'd get in your average gloss!
Which is your favourite? Have you tried Golden Gloss before? I have my eye on another one (#20 Golden Macadamia) which I'm going to check out next time I'm at the YSL counter.

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