Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Primark Project: See It, Buy It, Wear It

Did I mention I love that Primark is now available at ASOS? Hmm, did I? More than once probably, well I do love it, I truly do. This little unexpected project has more than proved how ace it is. On Tuesday I bought Look magazine. "Oh there's a cute dress dress at Primark, look". "Bet ours will never get it in though".
Fast forward to Friday and my usual 'let's stalk ASOS and guess which Primark items are new today' routine happened a little later than usual. Guess what I found? The red dress I'd wanted in the magazine! So I decided to test the ASOS Premier service to it's limit and ordered at quarter to 9 in the evening with free next day delivery.
I received an email this morning (Saturday) to say it would arrive between 17.15 and 18.15 and right enough there was a knock on the door at half five. The delivery guy noted my eagerness immediately and said "I bet you've been waiting all day for this and thought I was never coming" (note to self, don't open the door just as he's knocking on it).
Usually I'd spy a Primark item and lust after it for months, only to find a select few sizes in my local when I eventually get there and spend another couple of months trying to find my size. This has gone from first seeing it to ordering it and it being delivered, all in 4 days. Result!
The dress is available in sizes 6-20 (£13) and the print is really cool, it's like a black and white photocopy image of flowers.  Oh and while we're at it, I also like this dress...ASOS make it happen!

This post contains affiliate links, which when clicked through and purchased from, can earn this blog a small commission. By doing so, you are helping fund the blog, all opinions are still my own and I was not paid to write this post nor gifted this item.  I just thought the process and service was too awesome not to share!


  1. I was drooling over this on ASOS last night, It's gorgeous!

  2. Funnily enough i bought a very similar dress (well more like a sneaked into the basket kinda thing) in tesco yesterday (sale too!) ...I quite like the one on the right of that page in Look mag...hope they get that one on ASOS! :) x

    1. ha how freaky! Looks like lots of nice new dresses at primark x

  3. My local Primark never seems to stock the cute stuff, or it seems to take for ever to find it.

    Have been dying for them to go online for ages, the best Primarni I have seen has to be Bristol, it's massive!

    Nice little post btw!

    1. ooh I've heard the Bristol one is massive! My nearest tend to get collections months down the line and long after everywhere else has had them, so it's brilliant they're online now (even if it's a small selection).


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