Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Haul. Swatches & GWP: YSL Beauty

I've been so eager to get these photos edited to show you my beautiful YSL haul from last month. I ordered this as a kinda pre-birthday pressie to myself and also because the offers were just too good to ignore. I placed my order directly through the online store and while it means you don't get beauty points as you would at Debenhams or Boots, they do have exclusive offers and samples which are very enticing.
I regularly get emails regarding their offers and news of new launches and a combination of both was enough to get me to place this order, plus I just wanted to treat myself to a little bit of luxury and I've really become such a YSL girl (I can't think of anything I've bought thus far that I've disliked). The online offer was for 6 luxury samples (pictured below) worth over £50 when you spent £60. Let me tell you the spending part was very easy! I actually struggled to whittle down my order to a few items! Included in the samples were the waterproof eye pencil and Shocking Volume mascara that I already use and love. They also had a small spray of Manifesto fragrance which has been a little bit of a grower on me I have to admit. When it launched last year, at first I wasn't too sure it was 'me', but I wanted to like it and after not smelling it for a while, last month I got a sample in the Debenhams fragrance goody bag and it was love and lust all at once! It became all I could think about, so I was desperate for another vial, no matter if it is only 2ml! So for me the offer seemed worth it just for those three items, plus you were getting a mini lipstick (sooo cute) and Forever Youth Liberator cream and eye cream (I've used the serum and eye cream before and liked both). Plus with all orders you get two free samples at checkout (mine both happened to be fragrance and sadly not another Manifesto!) and free delivery and also free gift wrap!
The black (sturdy) box it came in and oodles of tissue paper were so exciting to unwrap and even although I knew what I'd bought (obvs) I was just so intrigued to see it all!
In the first set of images you can see all the free samples and the lipstick included was Rouge Pur Couture in 01 Le Rouge, a very bright red! I wore it for my Monster High Monday this week and here's a swatch of it on my hand (ignore the one one on the left as that's for something else).
The three items I purchased were...
The new Baby Doll mascara! I was to-ing and fro-ing with this one as I'm already a fan of Shocking Volume and couldn't decide if I'd be better buying the full-size version of something I know and trust or taking a chance on something new. At the time the mascara hadn't yet launched and was exclusive to the website, so I had no way of testing it prior to purchase. In the end I decided I had enough mini's of Shocking Volume to keep me going, so I'd try the new one.
I hate big brushes on mascara, so was pleased to see this one was narrow enough for my small eyes.
I have to admit that I don't think I've ever bought a full-size high-end mascara or indeed any mascara for years now, because I'm constantly getting mini's in GWP's. Anyway, the first time I tried Baby Doll, I wasn't all that sure and thought I'd made a mistake, but I've been wearing it for the past week or so now and it's really great.
I should've taken some photos of it on the lashes, but I'll maybe do a separate post and review it properly. Basically it gives you loads of lashes and they are all even with no clumping. I've been doing a double-take when editing my face photos for The Shoe Girl Diaries because I can't quite believe how full and fluttery my lashes look! The next item I got was Touche Eclat. Yep the cult, gold clicky pen! I haven't owned a Touche Eclat for a while but seeing as I'm 'highlighting and contouring' now (well I've become bored this week actually), I thought it could be a valuable tool.
I didn't open it right away, so haven't swatched it, but I was pretty overwhelmed with all the newer colour choices on the website. Back when I bought TE it was only available in one shade, there are now lighter (I think) and darker shades, which makes sense really. I didn't have time to go instore and check which shade I would be, but by checking other blogs I found shade 2 looked lighter and more yellow toned. The website swatches were a little off from real life swatches I'd seen, but the description for shade 2 was 'fair complexion-pink undertones' which describes me. It's so long since I've owned the original that I can't be sure this is lighter, but I certainly think it looks it and is more yellow. I've used it loads can become quite addicted to clicking and highlighting away! The final item I purchased was Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in 10 Beige Tribute.
Whilst googling YSL lipsticks, this one has come up time and time again. I was worried it would be too brown rather than nude, but it's as beautiful on the lips as it is in the tube.
I've already worn it in my Lipstick Challenge (using something straight away is usually a pretty good sign I love it) and am already missing wearing it!
While it looks pink toned in the tube here, the swatches on my hand are the opposite (multiple layers v one swipe btw). I think it looks completely different again on the lips in comparison to the hand (but didn't know that at the time of swatching). It's a beautiful nude, not too light with a cool tone to it and not warm like it looks on my hand. It's really lovely and I'm so glad I got it.
I was and still am over the moon with my little haul and freebies.  In the UK there is currently an offer on the YSL site for this gorgeous lot consisting of Youth Liberator serum, cream, eye cream and night cream as well as the little makeup bag.  Again it's worth over £50 and a great way to try the Forever Youth range.  Just enter JUNETREAT at checkout when spending £60 or more.  Believe it or not, I still have some more beauty hauls for you from last month...naughty me ; ) 


  1. OOooh, tempting!!! Are these offers still on? I'd like to stock up on Touche Eclat that I do buy and wear most!x

    1. Yes the JUNETREAT one is still on for the Forever Youth Liberator set, you also get free delivery and free gift wrap this week as well as your two samples at checkout and I notice any purchase of Touche Eclat ships free anyway.

      Which shade do you use Kezzie, you're quite fair like me?

  2. The YSL mascara looks pretty good! I've read several reviews about it and people rave about it! The red lipstick is gorgeous!

    1. it's a really pretty mascara, not too much or too clumpy.


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