Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Talking Bags

I love it when I happen upon two similar items at exactly the same time that are opposite ends of the scale in terms of price. Take the speech bubble clutch bag above and below by Sophia Webster at Net-a-Porter (online exclusive). The fun sentiment appealed to me (Sophia has several variations of this style) and although it wouldn't hold much, it's a wear with anything kinda bag.
Then I saw these new clutches at ASOS and did a double take. Ok, so they are a box clutch rather than speech bubble shaped and I'm in no way suggesting the quality is similar, but it's nice to have an alternative for when you can't afford to splash out. They still have that fun appeal and the catchphrases in bubbles. You can choose between the coral spotty, OMG! (my favourite) or the pink striped Shhh.
The ASOS clutches are £28 each while the SW one is £340. The ASOS clutches are in the same shape as the faux-book clutches they had. I bought a green one (below) last year (Once Upon A Time) and absolutely adore it. They have a similar one (A Novel) in lime, currently reduced to £15 if that takes your fancy. When/if I ever get money, I'll definitely be buying the OMG one! Would you like your bag to do the talking?  

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  1. I don't even use or particularly like clutch bags but these are all lovely :)

  2. Oh god. Madly tempted to buy that book clutch!


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