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PHP's Beloved Beauty Bits (March)

I took these photos on a very sunny day over a week ago now, but with one thing and another, it's taken me a wee while to write about them.  I feel there's been a big mixture of items I've loved this month although I've still been keen on lipgloss (after featuring two glosses last month) which is good because I need to use my glosses up!

First is Soap & Glory, For Daily Youth, 6 in 1 Superboost Moisture Lotion. A bit of a long product name and I have to say I'm not very sure what the "6 in 1" elements are, however I mentioned last month I'd started using this alongside Face, Soap & Clarity and had noticed a significant difference to my skin. The lotion itself is very fragranced which is why I've had this lying around for ages and kind of dismissed it at first instead using my Clarins Multi-Active. However, once I got over the first few days of the strong floral scent, I found myself choosing to use it because I liked the feel of it. It melts into the skin and leaves it feeling super smooth and plump, without feeling sticky or greasy and provides a great base for makeup. It feels really conditioning and leaves skin feeling hydrated throughout the day (and night) but is still a lotion rather than a thicker cream. I found one pump was more than generous, so usually try and squeeze out a half pump for each application. My face has been breaking out in places I don't normally suffer, but I'm putting this down to stress and just feeling run-down lately. I've been using this moisturiser for over 6 weeks now, so I think it would be a little delayed to be a reaction to this. I'm keen to buy this again once this bottle runs out.
Seeing as my skin has been behaving so badly, I've been thankful for a decent, heavy duty makeup to disguise it! Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in 005 Beige Ivoire has been one I've used on and off for months, but it's been a staple for me throughout March. I was reminded how much I liked it after reading that Rai of Blargle Fargle had bought it after she saw my foundation swatches post (a complicated link-up there)!
If you're more of a tinted moisturiser or sheer coverage gal, then this ain't for you. It is on the heavier side, although you could still get away with applying it sparingly if you wanted lighter coverage. It doesn't feel tight or itchy though like some full-coverage foundations can and seeing as I've been looking for something to cover, well it does just that. On 'better' days I've been mixing it with a highlighter (more on that next) so it doesn't look too matte. Other things to note; it lasts well (haven't tested anything near the 24 hour theory), it's quite fragranced (I've grown to really like that) and I love the no mess pump dispenser.
So the highlighter I've been using with my foundation is Pout 'Love Glow' Face & Body Illuminator (now discontinued).
If you follow Monster High Monday, you'll maybe remember I first used this for Robecca Steam week, when I wanted a shimmering finish to the skin. I would normally just use a highlighter to...well highlight! I've rarely gone down the route of mixing it with foundation for an all over glow.
This lotion has a very fine shimmer and a copper-pinkish sheen. You can really see it in the second image below with the flash. When mixed with foundation though it is much more subtle. I usually mix one pump of highlighter with the same amount of foundation and apply to the skin like a moisturiser with my hands, all over. Then I apply more foundation on areas that need it with my Pout Airbrush, buffing it in. I've stopped using it this past week, just to see if this is what is causing my breakouts, or if it really is just down to stress. Ah the stresses of having hypersensitive skin!  The lace detailing on the bottle is gorgeous isn't it?
Onto eyeshadow and I've owned Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in 34 Granite Block (think these are discontinued now) for years and used it sporadically. Until last month, when I wore it practically every day! It's a dark charcoal shade and makes for a great smokey crease colour. I doubt I'd wear it all over the lids as it is quite dark (although has a sheer quality to it which you will see in the swatches later).
I decided to test it's versatility and wear it with non-traditional smokey eye shades (i.e. not silver or grey). I have teamed it with pale blue, greens, bold purple even pink and it worked every time. It almost takes on the tone of whichever colour you are using, which I think must be down to the multi-coloured, micro-shimmer (only noticeable in the bright sunlight here). Oh and I love the 'ice-cube' compact! Swatches to follow after the next item, which is....
...Stila 'Twilight' eyeshadow. I should really pop my Stila single pan shadows into an empty palette, but then I'd probably use them less often (soooo lazy when it comes to palettes). Lack of pretty packaging aside, I loooove this eyeshadow. It's a light silver-grey and is ridiculously soft, like so velvety soft you can't even feel it. It's highly pigmented, a little goes a long way and it's super shiny and metallic. I haven't used this wet before, again the laziness with having to get up to wet my brush (that sounds kinda dodgy out loud!) but I'd imagine it would just make it all the more metallic and pretty! My photos really don't do it justice.
You can see just how metallic Twilight is and the darker swatch is Granite Block which is a sheer charcoal that can be built up for more intensity.
As I mentioned earlier, I need to use up my lipglosses, so have been making more of an effort to use them. My favourite during March has been Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Pearl in 267 Cashmere Pink.
It's a light, warm pink with the most beautiful fine shimmer throughout. It's non-sticky, really glossy looking and definitely gives the impression of fuller lips. I would think it would work over any lipstick, I've mainly been using lighter shades on my Challenge this month.
It comes with a small brush applicator and the tube is kinda pretty too.  I want to check for a nude-beige shade of this next time I'm at the Dior counter! 
Now this next item is something I've wanted to try ever since it launched. I love the idea of these liquid 'soaps' without water. In theory. In real life they kinda smell funny and I can't really be bothered taking all my rings off to do it, waiting for my hands to dry/soap to soak in and all that jazz. I wanted Soap & Glory Hand Maid though, purely because it's Soap & Glory! It smells divine, exactly like S&G products do and despite it being anti-bacterial, it feels like a luxury product and doesn't have that medicinal scent. I usually need this when Mum and I are shopping and stop for lunch because I generally feel 'dirty' when I'm shopping (I wash my hands a ridiculous amount of times when I get home), I'm not sure if it's just down to being in the city?  Also if I'm in the wheelchair and just 'wheel myself' to the table for lunch, the rims of the wheels are dirty and I hate having to eat without being able to wash my hands first. Anyway since buying this I'm using it all the time just because it smells and feels so lovely! If I'm on the bus and feel like a refreshing cleanse, I'll use it or when I'm doing my makeup in my room and my hands are covered in foundation and swatches of lipstick and eyeshadow, instead of having to get up to go to the bathroom and wash my hands, I'll use this. I couldn't be without it now. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue behind.  I only wish it came in a big size to use a home (although that would defeat the purpose of it being a portable product).
Finally, one of my newer purchases that you saw last month, that has quickly become one of my favourites. I just knew I was going to love Dainty Doll powder blush in 004 You Are My Sunshine. It's that bright, cheery peach blush which I've bought in any brand that make one! I love colours like these because they make my very pale skin look lovely and healthy and brighten my whole face whilst giving some definition. This one has an intense gold shimmer in it, which makes it all the more gorgeous.  On my cheeks it's not entirely peach-leaning-orange, there is a pinkish tone to it, it's just beautiful.  This will become my go-to healthy flush of colour blush and I'm already considering buying a back-up!
Have you tried anything here or do you fancy using them now?  Is there something else that's impressed you this month?


  1. I have Hand Maid by Soap & Glory as well... I take it with me for myself or my two little girls especially as Livvy loves touching anything on the floor...its a must! I love the smell too as with all soap & glory products. I also use their shampoo & intensive conditioner on & off and have you tried their warming body scrub? Omg its lush!! :) lovely post as always xx

    1. I've used their hair stuff, find it quite heavy for my hair, so just use it every so often. REALLY want to try the warming scrub, sounds fabulous, I love anything like that! I'm trying to be good and get through the bottles of stuff I have just now before buying anything else though ; )


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