Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Monster High Monday: Dawn Of The Dance Cleo

Hola! I'm feeling very sluggish (too much Easter chocolate and all my activity last week catching up with me), so I had zero motivation to post this yesterday and I'm not feeling much better today. However, I got to try out a different eyeliner technique and I totally failed matching the lip colour, booo! So it's worth reading for those two alone!

This week, my doll is Cleo de Nile, now I'm not a collector of Cleo (there's only ever been one doll I really liked of her and it's not this one), but I got her in a multi-pack and kept her at the time. Cleo started off as a main character and although technically she was in 'the gang' she was the bitchy one that just used Ghoulia as her sidekick, so I never really warmed to her. MH then introduced her sister Nefera (who kinda put Cleo in her place to be honest) and with the addition of the cat trio as the more 'catty' characters (no pun intended), they became the nemesis of the main MH girls and so I felt Cleo kinda lost her role in the webisodes and movies. Doll-wise there's been a resurgence in her character lately which will please her followers. Anyway, this one is from Dawn Of The Dance, a very early collection. You should note her outfit here is fashion pack for Operetta and not the DOTD original outfit.
Her makeup is a mixture of purples (both eyes and lips), but it's not a colour I would usually associate with Cleo. As an Egyptian princess, she has her Cleopatra style liner, which was much easier to replicate than I thought it would be and emerald, snake-like eyes.
I was excited to see a teensy bit of blush on this doll, she must be one of the few MH's with cheek colour! So on my face is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h in 005 mixed with Pout 'Love Glow' Illuminator, Dainty Doll concealers in 001 under the eyes and 002 on blemishes. I finished with Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact in Translucent and on my cheeks is Milani powder blush in Luminous 08.
Over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I applied Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow mono in Lovely Lilac from lashline to eyebrow. For the sparkle under the brow I added Hard Candy Eye Candy in Popsicle. It wasn't quite sparkly enough, so I used some gold, loose powder glitter from a Fearne Cotton set I got in Boots one Christmas. On the lids up to the crease I applied Estee Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow in 29 Orchid. I thought the crease colour looked slightly different (more pink toned) on Cleo, so used yet another colour for that. It was Mary Quant Eye Openers in 06 Deep Sea. I didn't add the black line Cleo has in her crease...I'd spent so long picking all the right colours, I just wanted to get it finished and forgot about it!
For the liner, I applied YSL waterproof pencil, then did a flick using Lancome Artliner as I normally would. I then took a vertical line down from that and then horizontally back into the corner of my eye. This gave me that basic rectangular/triangular shape, which I filled in with Topshop Liner. It was probably the easiest part, despite it looking tricky! My mascara is Too Faced Lashgasm.
By this point, I was running late and had spent far too long searching for the 'perfect' purple shades of eyeshadow that I went with the only lipstick I could think of that was close enough and that was Revlon Super Lustrous in 663 Va Va Violet. I applied it over Lancome Le Crayon Contour in Violette which turned it a little more purpley than the plum it looked, but in my opinion it was still too plummy to look like Cleo. I tried to add some No7 Liplicious gloss in Purple Liquorice over the top because I thought the purple looked quite glossy on Cleo. It just sheered the colour out though, so I applied, reapplied and blotted until I gave in and went with what I had!

I didn't expect the lips to give me so much trouble. Next time I maybe need to prepare beforehand because it's getting quite difficult to think of perfect dupes off the top of my head from my massive collection of cosmetics.
So we'll see what I come up with next week.  I think I'm going to look for an easy-ish one, although I'm finding it's the ones that look simple that sometimes trip you up and the more complicated actually aren't.   


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