Friday, 26 April 2013

Haul & Swatches: MAC Archie's Girls

This MAC post has been on my to-do list for weeks. I actually thought I'd already written it as I've had the photos sitting around for ages (bad times when you have to search your own blog to recall what you have/haven't written). So today I got stuck in and familiarised myself with my little haul.
I think one of the reasons I left it so long was because there was a bit of a mix-up with my lipstick. I placed my order with Debenhams and instead of receiving Girl Next Door, I got Oh Oh Oh. The colours are not even similar, there was no incorrect shade name throughout purchase or on my order receipt, so clearly there has been a mix-up in item numbers or something along the way. I emailed them to ask what to do as the colour I wanted had already sold out and I didn't see why I should miss out (especially as I'd sat for 2-3 days frantically refreshing the page, waiting to buy the second it launched). I had also posted a message on a beauty forum and to my surprise someone emailed me to say they had the same thing happen, but they bought OOO and got GND. So we agreed to switch lipsticks, it meant we were out of pocket another couple of £'s for postage, but seeing as I'd made my purchases during a 10% off event and the lipstick couldn't be bought elsewhere, it seemed like the logical thing to do. It meant though I couldn't rip into my lipstick until I knew the one I'd sent had arrived safely and so these products had been sitting unused for some time. By the way I still never heard back from Debenhams, tut tut! Anyway I was very restrained with my order and ignored the extremely expensive eyeshadow palettes and other bits and bobs and went for one lipstick, one lipglass, one Pearlmatte powder and one blusher. The collection was split into parts with certain colours for Betty and Veronica (btw is Archie's Girls an American thing or did it totally pass me by, because I have no idea who/what they are? Plus the ginger guy model (real not cartoon) really creeped me out). My lip products and blush happened to come from Betty, it would have been nice to get some of the Veronica packaging too, but it's just the colours I went for.  
So lipstick first and Girl Next Door is a lustre described as vivid blue-pink. It's got a hint of lilac and does swatch quite sheer, but a few layers provide a decent enough colour and coverage.
Summer Sweetheart is a light peachy gloss and I thought it was a nice refreshing shade for summer, plus you can't really go wrong with a nude gloss in my opinion.
The powder blush I chose was Cream Soda, a satin, described as a light neutral coral. Usually I love peaches, but this is a little too straight orange for me rather than having a pink element in it. I find the couple of times I've applied it, it's looked a little flat and fake. I need to play around with it more. 
There were two different shades of the Pearlmatte Face Powder. Usually I would go with the lighter one, but I have tonnes of pale highlighting shades, so I wondered if a darker one would work as a blusher on my fair skin. I opted for Flatter Me, a golden peach with (adorable) coral hearts. You know I always buy pretty powders then never pluck up the courage to de-pretty them...well I got stuck into this one for the swatches and have used it several times since (go me)! It is perfect as a cheek colour, it's got a lovely frosty sheen (unfortunately my swatches didn't show up as well as I'd have liked) and it's nice to get a different 'scene' on the compact.
Overall I thought this was a good haul of pretty shades that I'm sure I'll get a lot of use from and I haven't bought much MAC this year so it was nice to find a collection that appealed.  I was actually looking at the new Temperature Rising collection online today and some of the lip products in that look very interesting.


  1. Hi,
    These are so cute! I've been reading your blog for absolutely ages, but have never gotten round to posting a comment. I've added you to my second ever blog post! I just wanted to say how much I admire your fearless fashion sense (and your gorgeous hair). You are a constant inspiration on how to wear different colours and patterns together and have made me much more adventurous as a result- Thank you.
    Lucy x

    1. Thank you so much Lucy, been having a crappy day and this cheered me right up! Welcome to the world of blogging! I'll be sure to check your blog out : )

  2. Hi Gemma, just to answer your question about Archie: I visited America when I was a kid and my mum bought me a load of comics, my favourites were the Archie ones, just teenage antics with crazy stuff thrown in. Really awesome though, I loved them! I wasn't aware of this line by MAC, now I'll have to look into it for the nostalgia factor :) loving your blog as always! Lucy x

    1. Ah I see, thanks for letting me know Lucy. The makeup launched last month, but there's still some bits and bobs around, Debenhams still have a lot left online, hope you find some : )

  3. omg, I'm surprised you've never heard of Archie's before! :0 I love the comics and am definitely rooting for Betty all the way (eventhough it's pretty clear that she's the third-wheel here). Loving the Summer Sweetheart swatches. I didn't get any glosses or lip products though. Only bought 'Flatter Me' and definitely love it. ^^

    On an archie's note, you should definitely check out Archie's Sugar Sugar music video:

    1. Don't think it ever reached the UK! We had Bunty for girls and Beano and Dandy for boys. Flatter Me is lovely isn't it? I love those compacts too that MAC make with the mirrors, they are so smooth!


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