Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Monster High Monday: School's Out Lagoona

Another MHM and quite a fresh and bright one this week. Lagoona is one of, if not my favourite MH characters, I think she's adorable. This doll was the 2nd wave, sometimes called 'School's Out' and I was lucky enough to find her when she was re-released after passing on her when she first came out.
Lagoona isn't too pigeon-holed colour wise and often gets a crazy assortment of patterns, textures and colours per outfit. Her makeup kinda stays the same though, she usually has pinks and turquoises on the eyes and pink lips, being a pretty sea-monster. So if you see another similar Monster High Monday in the future, it will be a different doll!
I had a panic once I uploaded the photos as her lips looked peachy in the pics yet pink in real life. I had found the perfect lip dupe and thought you would all be thinking I was losing it, choosing pink when you can see her lips are peach. However when I got to the photos of me, the lips were exactly the same, peach! So at least we still look identical even if the colour is off (more on that later).
So I started mixing Pout 'Love Glow' Illuminator with YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in BR10. I wanted to create a luminous, sheer finish (my spotty skin wasn't entirely in agreement with that approach!). I used Dainty Doll powder blush in 002 My Girl even although Lagoona wears none and finished with Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact in Translucent.
On the eyes, I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the white highlighter shade from Hard Candy Eyeshadow Quartet in Pixie, under the brow. It was a great dupe for the sheer sheen Lagoona has, although mine had glitter pieces which the doll doesn't have. Urban Decay matte eyeshadow in Narcotic was the perfect shade for the turquoise bit and I blended this into and above the crease and also along the lower lashline.
For the pink, I really struggled to find a matte matching the shade within my collection. All my pinks are shimmery or frost finishes and lighter or darker than this. In the end I picked Collection 2000 eye palette in The Poptastic Collection which has a bright almost neon looking pink in it. When applied lightly it had nearly the right tone. I rubbed a little of the cream shade from the Hard Candy palette over the top to dull it down that little bit and it looked close enough. Lagoona has a very thin line across the crease of her eye, so I applied 17/Eley Kishimoto solo eyeshadow in Damnson with a tiny brush, which is a deep pink. I finished with YSL Waterproof eye pencil and Lancome ArtLiner for the big flicks, with Rimmel Lash Accelerator on my lashes.
So for the lips, I was looking for a deepish, warm pink. Lagoona has a frost type finish, like a sheer silvery sheen over the pink.
I grabbed the first lipstick I could think of and luckily it was perfect! Like I said earlier in the post, my camera hasn't photographed it true to colour, but you can see how in the light it looks silver...
but pink when turned away from the light.
The lipstick is Lancome Color Fever in 312 Pink In The Limo and I wore V-Sculpt (Victoria Beckham) Lipliner in 702 Cool underneath.
So that's it for another week. It was quite simple and minus the matte pink eyeshadow, I was lucky to find lots of dupes within my collection. I'm sad I had to fiddle around to get green eyes like Lagoona this week, my real eyes have changed colour from green to brownish recently-I'm very disturbed by it!  You can see my outfit etc over on The Shoe Girl Diaries right now.  How do you think I did this week?


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