Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring Wishlist

It feels like this 'no money' situation has lasted for months already and yet it's 'only' been 6 weeks. It's no fun. Anyway I've been through the depression and gone cold-turkey, now I just want to compile wishlists of pretty things I can't afford! This little lot should get you in full-on Spring mode (although it's very chilly here today) and I would happily spend my pretend money on them all. First up are these adorable Classic Hardware deer, bunny and kitty rings £24.99 each and matching pendants £35 each from Dollydagger.
I absolutely love the vintage inspired imagery and my animal jewellery collection has remained pretty stagnant lately, so would love a boost. Next, I first wrote about these shoes back in...January, so I've been long time lusting after them! Now that the weather is maybe hopefully moving into Spring, these would make a nice addition to my wardrobe. I'm still pretty torn between the unusual green shade or the wonderful nude with fuchsia! Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa 'Lady Dragon Bow' £120 each from Dollydagger.
I think there's always a stand-out bag from Accessorize each season. Last winter it was the wonderful pansy print and lace clutch, this time it's the floral and gem printed clutch £35. The colours are bright and beautiful and I love the coral trim and bow, it just finishes it off.  
I'm getting more and more into t-shirts, now that I own a couple of skirts to wear them with. In my opinion this is the only acceptable version of a 'dead' fox around your neck. The ASOS Curve fox t-shirt £16, is tongue in cheek and fun. No animals were killed in the making of it and it's light-hearted so don't take it the wrong way that it's somehow promoting the use of killing animals for fashion.  Don't be hating on the funny fox!
Calling any lady in a size 12, I have a bargain for you! This cutesy Moschino Cheap & Chic Strawberry print dress has 65% off at The Outnet and is a very reasonable £84! Don't ever think you can't afford to shop designer, it's all about what you buy and where to look!  A couple of sizes have sold out since I prepared this post last night, so be quick if you want it! It's cotton and the black based strawberry print is the type you could wear bare legged in summer or with black tights and a cardi for winter. Multi seasonal at high-street-ish prices? You can thank me later.  
Seeing as I don't fit the Moschino number, I have my eye on this gorgeous ASOS Curve floral maxi dress £60. I first spotted it on a SS13 blog preview and have been keeping an eye out for it ever since. It's also available here (£55) in the regular sizes of 6-18 and there's another variation of it in the same fabric in the maternity section (£45 sizes 6-16), the curve version is available in sizes 20-26. It's a gorgeous, bold print and I personally love maxi-lengths.
Finally, I'm a firm believer in buying what fits regardless of where it came from (you know I love my men's t-shirt), so I wondered if this Topshop Maternity leopard print bodycon dress £30 would fit me? Topshop only go up to a size 16 and I thought there might be some extra tummy room in this one for me (it's going to be quite unforgiving given it's bodycon), so I'm keen to try this if I ever see it in real life. It's also available here (£35) in the main range (and in Tall £35 and Petite £34), but they have a cut-out section in the back which I'm not so keen on. I love the midi length, bold leopard print and think it's unusual in green.  I've been lusting after anything bodycon and midi-length recently (not sure my tummy full of cakes and chocolate agrees)!  Anything here take your fancy?

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  1. I've seen that Accessorize clutch on two blogs today, I may have to order it at lunchtime, it's so cute!

  2. I've got an iron fist zip up hoody with fur trim on the hood & a fox draped around the shoulders. It's like a velour finish to the fox. It's a nice cute touch to a jeans & Tshirt outfit when I really can't be bothered ;0)
    I've got some vintage style cute animal prints to make some jewellery with when I'm feeling up to it.

    1. Sounds fab. Hope you're having some good days : )


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