Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SS12 Preview: Vivienne Westwood Melissa Shoes

I had intended to write about this months ago, however I have a hard time getting my head around spring/summer 2012 when we're just entering the colder months of 2011 and saying goodbye to what little summer we had! I'm talking about the SS12 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Melissa collab, which I lookorward to every season (my own collection is growing rapidly!) which sees the pre-order available now.
There's lots of new colours and several different styles to look out for too, so let's get started. I have a feeling this modified version of the Lady Dragon called 'The Wing' will possibly be the most sought after style from the range. With exactly the same shape as the LD, the only difference is the fabulous winged detail across the toe. Available in black on black, red on red, white on white and red on silver, Priced £120.
Next up is a newer version of the skyscraper court that was introduced to the Melissa range recently, aptly named 'Skyscraper Chain'. Unlike their sister style they are not flocked, but high-shine and feature this great little draped ankle chain with the signature orb detail. I really like the introduction of the chain although I'm a little surprised that I'm leaning more toward the nude rather than the black, they are priced at £160.
The regular Skyscraper is back too although it's slightly confusing which colours are SS12 as several shades were available on some sites but not on others or were introduced later down the line. Hervia are saying all colours (red, black, pink and blue) other than the camel are pre-order, but the blue is the only shade that I've spotted that's entirely new to the site, so that's where the confusion lies. I did find all these colours (below) available on Nonnon and they have several duplicates (black, pink, red) and name some 'Skyscraper II' which could hint to the second wave/re-release of certain colours. For one moment can we just show our appreciation for the amazing rainbow-ness though!Lady Dragon hearts are back, keeping with the metallic finish for the heart which has a groove and border around the design this time, which creates a duo-chrome effect in the light (the hearts are red, the border gold but depending on the light it can look all gold or different shades). They come in lychee (the softer peach), mango (the brighter orange) or dove (a soft grey), priced £120.
Then the final high heeled style is 'The Mule' but not the wedge we've seen in previous collections. It has a stiletto heel, peep toe and knotted effect to the uppers with the small orb emblem too. It comes in red, nude or smoke (dark grey) although I found a blue version on Nonnon.
Next up, a completely new style, The Button, £70. There's not much to these, with just a thin ankle strap and simple toe post with a gold button on top featuring the orb logo. They come in gold, red or black but again I spotted a nude pair on Nonnon.
The Ultragirl flats are back in a print this time; a kind of hybrid of camouflage and abstract zebra! They come in either caramel or smoke and also feature the orb emblem at the heel and will be £90.
Finally a completely new style, this time another pump, called 'The Wanting'. It's got a slightly different shape to Ultragirl with a higher front and sides and there's no peep-toe. They also have a flatter look to them from the side, rather than the more upturned, curvy shape of Ultragirl. They come in a sheer fishnet type print and have a multi-coloured orb over the toe. The colours available on Hervia are fuschia, black, nude, blush and orange and Nonnon also have lime (shown in colour order from top to bottom). A pretty new addition to the team!
So what do you think? Anything catching your eye? All styles are available for pre-order and expected delivery is due 14th November, so there's not a long wait. Can you really get your head around next summer already? My tootsies are freezing just looking at these!

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