Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Review: Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge

When it comes to applying foundation, I'm strictly a fingers girl. I get quite irritated when people proclaim that it's unhygienic and for that reason, they prefer a brush or sponge. How often do you wash your hands compared to make-up tools? I would certainly never allow my hands near my face without washing them first, plus I think the warmth of your hands can help with the blending process. However, I was sent the Blend Perfection Sponge by Cosmopolitan to try out and although it's perhaps not the most glamorous tool to review, I'm raving about it, so am keen to let you all know how I got on.
The sponge is bright pink and feels a little like one of those stress balls, it doesn't instantly spring back to shape if you're squeezing it, it takes a second. It's soft, smooth, doesn't drag on the skin at all and has one really rounded end while the other is pointed. I really want to call it a 'nipple sponge' for obvious reasons, but will refrain! The idea behind the sponge is that it creates an airbrushed, seamless finish. The directions are to wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess water and use it damp. I was a little surprised by this as I expected it would be best used dry, however after using it, I can concur that a damp sponge is best.
For my first try I decided to really, really put it to the test. I purchased Illamsqua Rich Foundation a while ago and rarely use it (actually never use it) as a complete base as it tends to look hideous after an hour or so, it's also very difficult to apply in an even finish-it can be streaky and eventually settles into pores and is especially cakey around the nose, mouth and chin. I only use it these days in a small amount as a concealer because I'm determined not to let an expensive foundation go to waste (I'm Scottish you know)! So could this sponge apply an even finish all over the face? I was initially very impressed, it did blend the foundation like a dream. I chose to dot it on my face first then use the sponge to blend, but you can apply it direct to the sponge if you wish. I wouldn't say I found it gave a particularly airbrushed finish, but it looked natural and was a massive improvement on how this particular foundation usually applies.
Sadly a few hours later the foundation had done it's usual and looked pretty gross-thankfully no photos as evidence! I'm convinced it lasted out longer than it usually would though.
The next day I went back to my usual routine of using Illamasqua as a concealer (under the eyes especially) and my old faithful Estee Lauder Double Wear all over. You initially use the sponge in a dotting effect to spread the foundation then start stippling to really blend it, it's very springy and you should just go with that. For the most part I use the pointed end and it's pretty good in corners around the nose and eyes. It's much easier to achieve a flawless finish with the sponge than without, although I find I'm using more foundation than I would with my fingers as a little amount doesn't seem to go a long way. I never have to drag across my skin, like I would with my fingers or with a more old-school makeup sponge, you just bounce around your face and the foundation seems to magically disappear. Here's a few examples of that including what should be a scary magnified, close-up-but look how good the base looks!
My skin has been misbehaving a lot lately with break-outs (sorry you can probably see that from the pics), so I can't chop and change what I put on my face often. However I was desperate to try out my new Soap & Glory 'Show Good Face' foundation which is a little too yellow for my skin, but I was hoping the sponge would help with the application. Again it did, although the foundation still isn't a very good colour match-I'm not sure you can tell that from this picture below though. I'm sure without the sponge, the colour would have looked worse as my fingers just can't blend like this sponge can.
Today I wore MyFace 'MyMix' foundation which I think I've only tried out once since I bought. Usually I stick to my Estee Lauder one because I know it's going to give me the finish that I like, so my other foundations go unused. This sponge is helping me try out these neglected bases though as I'm confident of a flawless finish no matter which brand I'm using. If I remember correctly this MyFace one applies quite sheer and because my skin isn't perfect, I'm never confident enough to wear a lighter base. It applied brilliantly today though and still looks good hours later. It's got a dewy like finish to it and I'm finding my skin does look more glowy in general since using this sponge. It's nice to know a flawless base doesn't have to scream 'caked on'!
Overall, I'd say I'm a complete convert, I honestly can't imagine not using this sponge now. I find it gives me a natural and dewy finish rather than the fluffy airbrush look the packet suggests, but it's very natural and doesn't looked caked on, which I love. Usually once I've set my base with powder, I can at times, look very 'made-up' but I'm just cheating my way to good skin with this and it doesn't look fake. I'm a little taken aback that a wee sponge can make such a difference ("it'll change your life"), but it really does. I feel confident that the sponge will give the desired finish no matter which foundation I'm using and I've even used it to correct a heavy dose of powder or blush. The sponge can be cleaned using a brush cleaning or baby shampoo and my only gripe would be that I feel I can't quite clean it to it's former glory. It does take a long time to fully dry out too, usually a few days but seeing as I'm using it most days I just pop it back into the little clear stand it came with and then I'll wet it again in the morning if I'm wearing makeup. You can find Cosmo products in Superdrug and this one comes in at just under a fiver and I'd say that's money well spent!


  1. Using fingers is unhygienic? Only if you're working on other peoples faces and not your own - I'm a makeup artist and there's no problem using fingers to apply your own makeup but it's best to use brushes and sponges on others.

    I'll have to give this cosmo sponge a try, I use the beauty blender one and love it but the cost puts me off getting more - what can I say, I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to things like this :)

  2. Gosh! Such an odd little thing, but you have given it such a rave review, I may look at it!

  3. I bought the sponge the other week and I love it makes foundation so flawless. Planning to do a review on it soon


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