Sunday, 6 November 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Do you remember way back when, when I first posted about a new ankle boot by Jeffrey Campbell that was soon to be launched? It had a chunky look, concealed platform came in black leather with a wood effect heel and was called 'Lita'. It seems like an eternity since then and I don't think the name of a shoe has stuck in anyone's head as much as this one. It seems everyone knows who Lita is. She's been revamped more time than any other shoe I know, there are literally dozens and dozens of variations with different colours, prints and fabrics.
I was obsessed with the boot before it launched but buying from the US put me off slightly (had to be sure of sizing because of the trouble to return) and the thought of postage costs and customs fees can often take the cost of the shoe way over your budget. Plus the never-ending release of new colours left me completely muddled as to which I liked best, so I never bought them. Recently though my love for them was rekindled, to the point of obsession. They were on my mind all the time and I finally buckled and bought them. Black patent Lita love!!
I'm going to post proper pics next week with details on where I bought them, but for now here's some quick phone photos! TDF!!


  1. Ooh theyre gorgeous not sure if I could walk in heels that big though!

  2. These boots suit so many people, I just don't think they would suit my style etc :s

    Love them!! x

  3. I loveeee the lita! I've also had issues with trying to decide which ones to buy! There's so many! Xo


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