Friday, 11 November 2011

Inspiretty #143

I'm sure you know how it see a shoe you like, you want it, then you start checking out more and more photos of them until you're at the point of obsession. That's what I've been like this past week or so with the Jeffrey Campbell 'Night Walk' heel-less shoes and their sister style the 'Walk Tall' boot. After dipping my toes (literally) into JC lately, I can completely understand why girls (and guys) become so caught up with the brand. Unfortunately it's not so easy to just buy the style you like in the UK and it can work out quite expensive when you take into account shipping charges and customs. However I couldn't resist these babies any longer and have pre-ordered the black suede version from Solestruck. Today I found these and white check, apparently Solestruck are getting these in, so keep your eyes peeled, they are absolutely killin' it!!

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  1. Oh Satan, get thee behind me with these hooves!

    You know I'm not a fan of anything that makes one look like a cenotaur, lol.

    The prints are banging though!


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