Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ryderrr by Betsey Johnson

Soooo did you all manage to snag what you wanted from Pearl Lowe this morning? I was late in my bed last night (not through anything fun unfortunately) and then I couldn't sleep, so I woke up later than intended today. It was around 9.20am before I got on the internet and by then several sizes of the lace panel dress had gone. There were 11 left in my size, so I grabbed it and a couple of sale items from the last collection (was going to get a couple more but decided I couldn't afford it, even if they were cheap). I've been out of the house most of the day at the Boots Christmas event-spent an absolute fortune and loved it, completely in the mood for Christmas now!

So I haven't had any time to do computer things and I'm trying to half watch X-Factor USA then have Southland at 9 (was sooooooo sad last week). The Mentalist is back tonight too, but I'll have to watch that later online because I can't squeeze any more in tonight. I just have time to show you these boots I bought last week though.
Are you believing what you're seeing? Almost 'sensible' winter boots...almost! Ok so they have a shiny leopard print sole which would be hopeless in snow or ice and yeah the heel is pretty high. However they are fur lined, can be worn as ankle boots folded down or knee-high boots worn up and I just thought they'd go with everything and be really great for cold days.
Sadly for me, they do not fit. They are called Ryderrr by Betsey Johnson and I got them from TKMaxx online, but I had a feeling the 'UK5.5' I ordered would turn out to only be a US7.5 after the L.A.M.B. shoes I'd purchased previously from there and right enough they were and were too small. It's such a pity because they are really cute and there's no larger size in the black or else I would've ordered that in the first place. Love the bright pink box and rose tissue paper too, very pretty!


  1. boo to the sizing issues, but at least if you retrun them that's more PL money?!

  2. I decided not to buy any of the Pearl Lowe- I like the velvet dress but I decided I didn't love it enough to part with £60. Not really fussed by the other items. Really hoped that the kids range would be up to aged 13 so I could somehow fit into the peter pan collared velvet dress but sadly only to age 6! Those shoes are HUGEE!!!! But what a pity they don't fit you!

  3. wow the paneled dress is already gone from the website???

  4. I'll be giving La Lowe a wide berth this season, I remember the halcyon days of the £30-40 Pearl Lowe dress, made from they 'she' wants you to part with 60 bux for a festival of polyester...and the designs aren't THAT great. Besides, Dorothy Perkins has some great frocks at the moment, I kick myself sometimes when I forget what gems you can find in there, I need to frequent it more often.
    Great cuts, great design and I don't mind paying £25-45 for dresses made with viscose, rayon, cotton, or combination of the 3.

    So don't sleep on DP ladies, there's gold in them tharr hills :-)

  5. Hi, did you send the boots back? Or if you still have them, could i buy them from you please xx


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