Monday, 21 November 2011

Haul & Swatches: MAC Glitter And Ice

Hello! Let's get started on the massive backlog of posts I have. It actually takes longer than you'd think to label all the photos, so I've been at this all weekend. I've been pretty quiet on MAC recently, mainly because I'm trying to curb my hauls with them (can't afford the constant price increases and it's so easy to get caught up in cool swatches and buy more than you need). However when I took a look at the new Christmas collection, Glitter And Ice, it was obvious there were some things I'd need. As you know, it's usually the lip products that entice me and I will say the eyeshadows look great in this too, but I have far too many to justify buying more. In the end I picked up 4 items, during the recent event at Debenhams (I bought online), so I got 10% off and lots of points on my beauty card I'm sure. So let's get started...
Everything comes in silver, mirrored packaging and the products themselves are housed in super shiny white compacts/tubes etc. It's not necessarily my favourite ever packaging, but it certainly fits the white, silver, snow queen type theme and I do love the high-shine smooooooth!

First up is the only non-lip related item, the Beauty Powder in Snowglobe. I love MAC Beauty Powders and probably didn't *need* another one, especially as I don't use them as often as I should, but this one just looked so darn pretty. The colours in these photos are spot on (of everything) and I'd describe this as a dirty sand shade with a dusky pink tone. I haven't swatched it yet, but it's the lighter of the two BP's in this range so probably more suited to fairer skins like me. As with all BP's, some can work as blushers on paler skins rather than purely a highlighter-I couldn't really care with this, it just looks so lovely (and you can tell considering the amount of pics I have of it here)! Again the smoothness of the packaging is amplified on this, I could literally sit and stroke this compact all day (weirdo) combined with the click sound of closing a MAC lipstick, it's sooo soothing!
The six lipsticks in the collection all look lovely. You have lots of paler shades and even a dark berry and red. The decision behind my purchase, other than the fact I liked the unusual colour was the finish. This one is a cremesheen, my fave formula and I wasn't too keen on the possibility of frostiness in the other colours. Double Spin is as MAC suggests a pale mauve pink but their swatch is completely off, DS is more like the Eloquent Air or Soft Sable images. Thankfully I'd had blog images and swatches to guide me beforehand and I just knew I had to have this colour. Again it looks exactly like the images below, a muted mauvey, icy pink and you can see a lovely pinky lilac flash in a couple of the pics and super tiny pink glitter in the extreme close-up. Obviously on the lips, the glitter isn't at all noticeable but I've been wearing MAC's Naturally Eccentric (from Surf Baby) a lot recently and this is a great alternative for super pale lips. It also looks completely fabulous when paired with the Dazzleglass in this range...
...which leads me onto the two I purchased. Dressed To Dazzle is the most perfect match for Double Spin as it has a mauve-pink tone to it. Glitter And Ice is more a tan nude. Both are quite light and pretty sheer with lots of sparkle. I personally rarely wear Dazzleglass on their own, so this doesn't bother me. They look great over lipsticks and some may argue that I didn't need both of these, but they're colours I will wear again and again, so it seemed worth it.
Swatches of Double Spin lipstick, Dressed to Dazzle and Glitter And Ice Dazzleglass glosses.
Don't the trio make the prettiest pale lips collection? Love it!
A few of the Dazzleglass colours in this collection are not new releases, actually the two I got are the only new limited edition ones if memory serves me right. As far as I can recall, I only own She-zam (the other colours are Love Alert, Spanking Rich and Pleasure Principle) that are permanents or re-releases. So this is my old one, hence the black lid and for once I remembered to swatch/photograph it too! It's much prettier in person and I find it impossible to get the multi-coloured and pure fantastic-ness of the glitter across in a photo. The gloss itself is a silvery clear colour and as I've already mentioned, it is on the sheer side (but who would want intense silver lips other than for a fancy dress party as an alien?). It's one of those great glosses that goes with everything, it can look fabulous over pale nudes and pinks and then when you apply it over dark or bright colours (red, purple, fuchsia), it's amazing too.
Have you purchased anything from MAC lately or will you be? Is it completely sad that I think it's cool they have an upcoming release of a collaboration with...Miss Piggy!! Haha.


  1. Oooh the lipstick/lipgloss look lovely. I haven't had chance to check these out. And I love that Miss Piggy will be working with MAC!

  2. Oh how beautiful lip candys :))


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