Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inspiretty #142

How freaking' fabulous is this parasol? I saw these pics of Lady Gaga out and about in London at the weekend and the first thing you'll probably notice is the earrings...yep, that's not a black collar on her orange outfit! Then the beautiful parasol, which has mermaids and pretty scenes all over it and a magnificent carved mermaid handle (my fave bit). Love it, well worthy of inspiretty! Nice nails too.


  1. Her nails are freaking fabulous!

  2. I always love Gaga she's at least interesting to look at :)

  3. I'm glad someone else liked that parasol as much as me! I love the orange as well. I am biased though as I love everything Lady Gaga does or wears hehe :)

  4. Remindes me of 60s fashions earings ...orange ...top and trousers ...lovely //


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