Friday, 23 September 2011

Video: Primark Haul

You may think I've had another day of not doing very much and neglecting you-however I've been busy ("behind the scenes") making some videos for you! I was in my jammies in this one of my Primark haul, hence my arms being all you can see. However I have another video coming up, where you see....well me! It's pretty hideous actually-I can't say I'll do another like that again, however for the subject matter it worked perfectly well. Here's the Primark one first...I tried on some of the things this arvo and I'm not sure about a lot of them (probably returning several). Enjoy!


  1. Nice haul! I think I have seen every piece of jewelry that you showed, I too bought the leopard ring(really well made for the price) and the stag head ring. I really like the articulation of that owl also, but unfortnately the eyes on it freak me out, I may get it and replace it with some eyes of my choice...they also have the matching earrings to that pendant, in case you didn't know.

    Nice blouses, although I never buy blouses anymore, I'm strictly a dress girl. Often times when I'm in Primark and I see a beautiful blouse, I'm like "Gotammit, why is this a dress?:)

  2. errrm, meant to say "isn't this a dress" :)

  3. I love that first blouse and the last one! It's like watching an episode of Fingermouse! Hilarious!


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