Monday, 5 September 2011

Inspiretty #116

I want these babies soooo bad! Perhaps not what you'd instantly consider my type of thing, but I fell in love with them, the second I saw them. They are called 'Toad In The Hole' (adorable name as per usual) and what I didn't know from the preview pics was, they are furry lined with sheepskin (do I hear practical and cosy winter boots?) and also have a zip in the inside leg, so you don't have to unlace/lace them up every time. If that hasn't already sold them to you, rumour has it Paloma Faith has already snagged herself a pair (we really need to start sharing shoes because our footwear styles are identical and it would save us some dosh or knowing me, we'd spend the same but own twice as much!!). Available now on the IC site at £249 and no, I don't even have the £49 never mind another couple of hundred : (


  1. I'm in exactly the same boat, these are my faves from the new collection but £250 is a lot of money!

  2. I'd buy these in a second but I'm completely broke so guess will just have to look at the pretty pictures instead.


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