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Autumn 2011: Pearl Lowe at Peacocks

So the new Pearl Lowe range at Peacocks arrived this morning and what do you think? I haven't yet placed an order because I'm a little underwhelmed and unsure of what to purchase. I do like the shapes and colours, but there's something lacking, that excitement of the previous styles. You know I'm a huge fan of the range but I ended up having to send back the dresses I bought last time, because the fit and quality for me, wasn't up to scratch. Judging from the images on the website, the quality is yet again questionable and this upsets me, because it seems to have dwindled from the first couple of ranges and just ended up as everything being polyester. Here's a run-through of the collection...
My favourite piece without a doubt is the crochet collar dress, £40. It was the one I was most looking forward to from the previews and although the quality doesn't look as good as I was expecting, I think I'll still purchase this. It screams Pearl Lowe to me, I've seen her wear dresses like this a million times in her life, so it's really commendable that it's totally Pearl but available at Peacocks.
These plain 'jersey' dresses (or polyester/elastane!) £35 are based on the shape of the Joy floral dress from the summer. Now I didn't get on well with that one at all. It felt too big, it hung in an unflattering way from my body, rather than following my curves and the length didn't quite seem right either. It has all the design features of a well made dress, with smocking on the hips and shoulders to allow for flattering draping, however the choice of fabric doesn't really bode well with that. It can have it's good points but I can see how some would find it suffocating. This time it has long puffed sleeves which work well with the current 70's trend. The 'dark green' (looks turquoise to me) is an online exclusive, but the purple will be available instore. I also find £35 too much to spend on a plain jersey dress and this was the only design that even looked cheap on model Daisy.
Then we have a real 70's style patterned dress £45, not too dissimilar in shape to the jersey dresses. I like the colours of the floral pattern and the contrast section is a nice touch, again it has long sleeves and I really am a sucker for fabric covered buttons down the front! £45 is very pricey for what it is though. I didn't grudge paying it for the Peggy lace prom dress (from last years Christmas collection), but £45 for a casual 70's style that will probably be replicated in Primark for £17 or less? Hmmm, would make me grudge paying that.
Then we have the tile or polka dot tea dresses, £40. Much of the same, not sure it warrants that price but a pretty enough style. I'm also unsure if the high bust line and small V-neck opening will suit busty figures like mine. It looks lovely on Daisy though, one of the nicest on her.
The lace print dress £45 is slightly different to the tea dresses and I wasn't as keen on this from the promo pics. It's very 'shirt dress' which isn't my style and I'm not sure the horizontal stripes of lace would do anything for me. Again I have to complain about the price, it doesn't look like a £45 dress to me and certainly not when made of polyester.
There's also another chance to pick up the Honey black with cream bow dress £40 which has relaunched with this collection. This is a nice style (I have it in cream) and although it's also polyester, it feels very weighty and hangs well.

Overall I'm feeling disappointed. Remember my excitement at the H by Henry Holland and Red Herring dresses I was ogling in Debenhams the other day? Well, I think I'd rather pass on the PL and save my pennies for them, which is pretty heartbreaking considering I've championed this range from the start. Pearl has signed up for another year with Peacocks, so I hope the choice of fabric or even the quality to look at, improves. I'm also going to grudge paying postage for one dress (the crochet collar), but PL is very limited around the country and I know I'll never be at a store that does stock it, so I have no choice. What about you, will you be getting anything?


  1. I totally agree with you. When the PL collection first came out many moons ago I was soooo excited and bought a few of the dresses and a pair of jeans which were wonderful.

    However, i've felt totally cheated with the collections in the last year or so, the material feels cheap, the finish is rubbish and I adore the look of the last dress in your post with the bows, but it has a seam right around the waist????
    WHY!!?? i'm trying to hide my tummy, not draw attention to it with a big ol' seam.

    Same with the barbara hulanicki collection for asda, seems like the first collection was for anyone, and ever since then it's been for older women. I'm 25 now so I know i'm not as youthful as I once was, but I still like to dress like a young woman.


  2. Im equally disappointed, after waiting weeks for the launch I got up early with my debit card in hand ready to add to my lovely Pearl Lowe collection and didn't buy any of them!

    The only dress I might get is the lace collar one, but I'm not overly impressed.



  3. Hmmm I only like the 70's dress...but I'd not pay more than £20 for it! Hello! There are 100's of 70's inspired dresses in the shops right now...I'd never pay that much for a 100% polyester dress that will probably feel really yuck. The rest of the collection is a bit boring to me. I wouldn't buy any of it just because it's PL. There are way to many amazing dresses to be found elsewere. You can only spend your money once right!

  4. i have to admit i have never really been a fan of the PL collections, bt there is not one item from this one i would look twice at. That and the fact that their prices seem to be creeping up, same as everywhere else, makes it pretty definite that i won't be ordering.

  5. I've just got back from the Peacocks store at the Metrocentre after going for a gander this morning.

    Despite all the dresses being polyester, I actually preferred this collection in the flesh to the last one she did. I especially liked the tea dress in navy blue with the small yellow tile print and your crochet collar black dress with the buttons down it. I didn't buy any of them as I had my 18 month old daughter with me (she doesn't appreciate the experience of shopping much at the moment) so didn't have the opportunity to try them on. I do think that they look as though they'd be quite flattering on though. After slating the last collection I may well buy one or more of this one.

  6. I'm a big PL fan and get so many compliments when I wear her stuff. However I didn't like any of the last range. Still, I got up at 6am (this is unheard of for me!) to order 4 of the dresses online, so fingers crossed they're good again. We shall see when they arrive...

  7. I wasn't overly thrilled either! I was waiting for you to post about it ever since I saw that the new collection was coming out!
    The only one that is currently hovering in my basket is the one with the collar, navy blue tile print. It looks gorgeous on PL, but I am the same height and looks like a similar chest size to the model and I don't like the way it sits on the chest or the length so much as I do on Daisy. It reminds me of that green New look one actually!!!
    Hmmmm.... still debating!
    I like the idea of the crochet collar one but it just reminds me too much of a choir boy!

  8. I went and got the black with crean lace on thursday and wore it to a party last night honestly it looks gorge on and its really nicely made the material drapes lovely too all in all these dresses look better up close than on pictures and look fab on !oh and i got loads of lovely comments about the dress too

  9. Im back got the green one today and it looks really cheap and nasty !!soooo disapointed its a shame beacuse the shape and details are nice its the material so cheap!


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