Friday, 23 September 2011

Video: Turban/Headscarf Tutorial

Ok, so here's the tutorial on how to do your scarf like mine in a turban style or bow (cue extremely unflattering footage of me with my hair pinned up, sorry). Hope this answers your questions. If you're still stuck just comment on the YouTube video or here and I'll do my best. This is my first vlog, where I'm 'properly' in the video, so go easy on me! I hope it had just the right amount of info for you. Things I didn't really say on the video...if you want the rosette of your scarf off-centre, obviously just start your twisting/tying wherever you need it. My attempts in the video were very sloppy and rather lumpy but I made the video in one shot and without a mirror, so normally I'd do better. I just really wanted to get the video up as soon as. I meant to say as well, you really need to turn the sound up to hear me on both videos as my camera records really quietly. Ok, that's all-have a good weekend.


  1. This was great, thanks!

    I have loads of scarves but never know what to do with them.

    You are really making me miss my fringe - I've spent almost a year growing the bloody thing out and now I'm so tempted to cut it back in! I'd love to see a tute of your hair - from unstyled through pincurling to styled and accessorised. You always have great looking hair.

  2. Thank you SO much for the video! It looks amazingly easy. I love your hair too!

  3. Nice vid. I especially liked the wrap that you did with the cameo type scarf, with your fringe and everything, it looked kinda Rockabilly.

    You should absolutely, most definitely, most decidedly, indubitably do more videos :)

  4. I tried the headscarf with the rosette and got it on the first try, thanks again!

  5. Errrm,I dunno why my name came up's Antigone.

  6. It was me who asked how you do the bow - thank you very, very much! I was wondering what you'd done to make it look like you'd wrapped it around your head with the small, Primark scarves - it seems obvious now lol! I'm gonna have to try the turban/rosette one in the future. Thanks for taking the time to do a video for us, it was very helpful!! xx

  7. love the bow! didnt realise youe were scottish too,yay!


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