Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Oops, Oh My!

I regularly check my blog stats and it's the type of thing I geekily find rather interesting. Not only do you see basics like your hits per blog or post (per day/week/month), you can find out which search phrases led people to your blog. Turns out my most popular always seem to include some type of the following 'ruby red or sparkly slippers/shoes', 'monster high dolls' and 'nyx swatches'. Without fail, they are always in the top. It can help, because you know the types of things people want to read and are searching for. You can usually find some random things too, one example today for The Shoe Girl Diaries, was 'tightest shoes', but I've had much stranger that I can't quite recall off the top of my head!
You can also find sites that link to your blog that people have clicked on and this is one of those situations where you think, will I check it out or not? The reason I say that is because I have in the past found forums where people are or aren't saying very nice things about me. This particular one today, I hadn't seen before and a lot of people had clicked through to my blog, so I checked it out. It turns out it was a forum and this particular thread was discussing hair colour. Someone had linked to the two posts I recently wrote about my hair colour. Ok, nothing bad there and the reason I made the post was to show examples of particular brands of dye and hopefully act as a little help and inspiration for anyone thinking of taking the plunge. I read on though...with the help of google translator because it was in a foreign language. Someone, and I actually think this is almost funny, wrote that they couldn't look at my hair colour because they were distracted by my hamster cheeks in all the photos and that's all they could see. What? Wow, they must really be some cheeks to distract from Atomic Pink! There was me gasping last week at the site of Madonna and her plumped up chipmunk-esque face, telling my family 'she must've had something done, that's not right' and who knew I had the same issue?! Sorry Mads! I'm not very bothered by it and certainly make no apologies for smiling in photos (I look seriously evil and moody otherwise) and this is what creates that 'defined cheek look' along with the angle of the camera. Since putting on weight, I lost my lovely cheekbones, so I'm quite happy for there to be some sort of definition on my face rather than just plump all over and I'd rather be likened to a hamster than look emaciated quite frankly. I can't speak for Madonna, but I haven't had any surgery to my face (or anywhere else) and wouldn't ever want to. I have no desire to inject anything for a 'plumper' look or to rid myself of wrinkles (which is what I suspect she was trying to do), especially when I can do it by eating cakes instead, plus it's not actually a look I'm aiming for! Personally, I'd be more inclined to ponder the half grown back eyebrows, desperately needing fixed roots and rash across my chest (that thankfully is disappearing). I must be on the 'up' though if the status of my cheeks are as significant as Madonna's! So continue to write what you want, we are all entitled to our opinions after all and I'm taking it that you meant I was extremely cute and cuddly, just like a hamster, so thank you! Squeak, squeak!


  1. que cabelo lindo!!!

    você tem muito bom gosto, estava vendo seu blog de sapatos e adorei!

    i love shoes!!!


    passa lá si me seguir também sigo seu blog :)

  2. Oh wow.

    I am obviously missing something as I don't think you look remotely like a hamster in your photos. In fact, I always think you look stunning. And your skin looks completely flawless. Strange forum people!

  3. Ha! I would never have thought that your cheeks were similar to a hamsters!
    Perhaps that was jealousy on the part of the person with lame hair who is trying to dye it awesomely?

    As for the search term things, I've had people find my page from search phrases such as 'angora sweater sex', 'cheer up a grump' and 'Lustiche Sex Bilder' which, again thanks to google translate, means something like 'lusty sex pictures'.

    Madness =]

    Lee x

  4. Ha!

    Actually, I was the person posting the original post. The one linking to your blog. The forum is mainly about tattoo's and body mods, I joined a few weeks ago because of my upcoming tattoo "adventure" in December.
    That particular thread was about hairstyles and clothes and stuff though, a guy was talking about how he didn't want to go for a bright colour until there were permanant haircolourings for brights so I remembered your posts and put em up there because I thought it might help (give some ideas about brands or something).
    EVERYONE liked your blog. ONE person made that remark, I came back later and I did see it and wondered if I should say something but everyone had already proceded to ignore her so I decided it would be best to just let it go. No one actually reacted to that remark and no one agreed...so it's not so much "Strange forum people" but more "one quite rude person making a silly remark" the rest were all very enthusiastic about your blog and how you look! :)
    So I'd just focus one that...10 people saying nice things, instead of one little comment...that actually got ignored by everyone because no one found it interesting or accurate.

  5. Marlein-haha, it's a very small world! I was going to ask you to translate just incase I'd got it wrong-hadn't realised it was you that had originally posted ; ) As I said, it was just one person and it didn't upset me in the slightest anyway, so it didn't put me up or down! I'm happy that those blog posts could perhaps help someone, because that's what they are there for and I'm happy for anyone to link to them. If that guy did want permanent colour, tell him Atomic Pink by Special Effects lasts FOREVER, forget that it's 'semi permanent'-it's damn impossible to remove and only needs recolouring due to regrowth rather than fading/washing out. You still haven't shown me your ideas for the tattoo by the way...you must be quite excited!

    UTG-Thank you. Can't say I ever thought I resembled a hamster either!

    Lee-Oh my gosh, much stranger search phrases than me, don't think I've had any really, really weird, more random.

  6. oooeee yes I did show you my tattoo ideas! I send you a FB message on the 4th of August! I checked just now because I thought "huh! I'm going crazy, I'm so certain I told her all about it!" haha and I did :P But I kinda remember that we sent eachother a message at almost the exact same moment and I remember thinking "I wonder if she saw my message" as mine was maybe 3 seconds before yours...so maybe you missed it! It was really long too! LOL! Oh...just so you know...the JC's I'm talking about in that message...I got them...haha! x

  7. Oh no wait...I DIDN'T get that pair...lol...no, I ended up not getting them. Didn't have enough money to cover customs :(

  8. I think you're beautiful. There are small people in the world who have nothing better to do that put others down to make themselves feel better. Up Toon Girl is exactly right, your skin is flawless. Showed my boyfriend your picture and he said you look like a porcelain doll. I love your blog it's so much fun. Keep up the good work :)

  9. I cannot believe that people have so much time on their hands to be discussing your cheeks! (which I always think are very cute by the way! You have such a cool smile! Not that I have the time to discuss it on forums!:-) )


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