Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's What Colour?

Remember I said the colour description of the 'dark green' Pearl Lowe jersey dress was 'off', considering it looked bright turquoise to me? Well, if you checked the Peacocks site now you would probably wonder why I was being so picky. It's only because the image has magically turned green over night! Here's my original image on the left and the new one on the right. Still not 'dark' green but definitely green. I think I'd be rather annoyed if I'd been expecting true turquoise and got that instead, especially as this is the one dress that is an online exclusive, so you can't see the colour in person. Also makes you wonder how spot on product images are and how easy it is to manipulate them to look like whatever the art/photo department wants. Clearly it is the same photo, with a tweak to the colour-how very 'L'Oreal' of them!


  1. ooh that's creepy! It's like mascara ads where the model clearly has enormous fake lashes that are then digitally enhanced! Why can't companies just be upfront about what they're selling?

  2. That's so BAD that they can change the colour like that. It just goes to show that the web images are never really a proper representation of what an item looks like.


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