Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Swatches: No7 Lipstick

It's No7 voucher time again at Boots and I had four to spend. Last week I used them on lipsticks and got 4 more vouchers in return (you only have to spend a fiver to get them)! So it was back to square one. I was going to purchase more things at the time, but the lady was rather rude and said 'there's your vouchers for another day, we're not going through that again'-just because you have to use each voucher in a separate sale (gosh, what are they paying her for then?). It wasn't even busy, but some cow was already huffing and puffing behind me until someone shouted 'can I take anyone over here' and she yelled 'YES' very loudly in my ear! Well, I'm not apologising for buying 4 bloody lipsticks at one time without going to the end of the queue each time!
Anyhow, I always tend to leave the vouchers until the last minute, much to the annoyance of my sister (who usually buys the items for me) and I mostly get my regulars like concealer, eye makeup remover, toner etc, but I have back-ups of all that and have switched to Lancome skincare recently anyway plus my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is so fabby, I tend to not need concealer anymore (ooh get me)! So I was in a bit of a pickle as to what to buy this time. I spent the other 4 vouchers yesterday and subsequently got 3 back and grabbed the first things I saw to spend them too! And might I add, what a difference with the sales assistant, she was actually telling me to spend them there and then and giving helpful suggestions and not getting herself in a pickle with vouchers like the last woman. So if you're stuck for ideas, maybe there's something here you'll like.
I knew I wanted the new nude shades of Moisture Drench lipstick £10. They are 02 Rumour and 04 Romantic, plus I got 05 Divine, which has already become my favourite of the three. They are shown left to right in numerical order in all the photos and swatches.
They are basically all nudes, Rumour is more a caramel tan when swatched whereas Romantic is a peachy tan. Divine is a pinky beige with a little shimmer in the tube which isn't really noticeable on the lips. Romantic and Divine are most alike out of the three with Divine more tan than Romantic. Both R's have a kinda velvet satin texture, not totally matte but almost. As Divine has the shimmer, it comes out with more of a sheen and it looks stunning with my beloved MAC Test Pattern lip pencil.
I love the Sheer Temptation lipstick £10 too, which is like a gloss in stick form and the colours can be pigmented but sheer. I picked up the darkest shade 70 Sassy, which is deep purple plum with sporadic shimmer. It's really pretty. In the swatches the top swatch is several swipes and the bottom one is just one swipe. I ended up picking up two more of these in different colours yesterday, so I'll try and get those pics up tomorrow. I didn't have time to label all the swatches, but obviously they remain the same throughout.


  1. Wow, Sassy is gorgeous! Especially when I'm not too overly fond of sheer lipsticks. I'm now thinking twice. :)

  2. i never seem to take any notice of the vouchers when i get given them, it's prob 'cos i never use no.7 make up... may have to start! all the nudes look lovelyyy!


  3. Thanks for this, i always leave the vouchers in my purse then find that they've expired :(! Think i'm going to try Sassy! It's gorgeous! x


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