Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Share Your Shoes

You peeps are being a shy lot this week. I am in desperate need of seeing your lovely Irregular Choice shoes for The Shoe Girl Diaries as we are celebrating 'Irregular Choice Month' on the blog. You will feature in a guest post on Friday for the world (or my readers at least) to see! Pop over now to see the previous two guest posts for photo inspiration and all the details on how to submit your pics can be found below.
I'm wearing my IC's every day, all month and I want to encourage you to wear yours as often as you can too. I know many of you are huge fans of IC, just like me, so every Friday all month long, I'll be choosing my favourite fan photos and posting them on The Shoe Girl Diaries. So how can you enter?

I ask that the photos be as clear as possible, at least 600 wide (don't worry, I can resize them afterwards to fit the blog if they're supersized). Obviously the shoes have to be Irregular Choice and if you know the name of the style or have a funny/interesting story attached to them, you can include that too and also your first name and/or screen/blog name (and a link to your blog, if you have one). You can send a full length outfit shot or just the feet, whatever you want. Please email all entries to pinkhairedprincess@hotmail.co.uk with 'My IC' in the title (so I know it's not junk mail). Let's see them!!

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  1. I didn't realise you had a scarf on there- I was puzzling at the photo before reading the post thinking, "How on earth did she get her hair to stay up like that- it's so cool!" (and thinking you'd dyed some bits blonde!)


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