Thursday, 12 February 2009

S(no)w Bother!

In Scotland we always joke that there must be floods/snow/gales in London, if it makes the national news (i.e. they aren't interested in reporting on it, if it isn't happening to them). Take the recent bad snow spell for example. Yes, London got it 'bad' and I realise they are used to less wintry climes, however the sheer frenzy the city get themselves into is laughable. Public transport stops (yes, all 8,000 buses), nobody goes to work (other than some idiot standing in the middle of the snow reporting on it of course), there are major newsflashes for all hospital workers to get themselves into work and so on. Life literally stops.

This isn't however, a fair reflection of how the rest of the country copes with a dose of the falling white stuff. Sure, those living in rural areas used to get to go home from school early (my sisters friend used to bring a toothbrush and change of underwear to school throughout winter incase her parents got snowed in and couldn't collect her) and the buses would come early as it took longer to get you home. However, living in the same town as school (just along the road infact), we always had to stay! My hardy friend from Aberdeenshire who usually gets a whole winter of deep snow (and doesn't even call it snow if it's less than a couple of inches!), gets really rattled with those that crumble at the sight of bad weather. It's the norm for her.
Anyway, I woke up a few hours ago and thought my street sounded unusually quiet. It's been threatening to snow for weeks, but has never come to anything (especially as we seem to escape it, living in a coastal town)...until today. The snow was swirling down and lay deep along the ground, infact it still hasn't stopped. It was so picturesque, the bushes and trees buckling under the weight of heavy snow, the roads and pavements were almost one and the sky was pure greyish white with no clouds or blue. I'm so excited, I love the snow (until it turns to slush). Here are some images taken from my front and back garden. Oh and will life in Pink Princess Kingdom stop? Will it heck!

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